In case anyone else also likes tinkering with their Android phone, please read this and check it out carefully.

Even though I have rooted my phone, flashed various ROMs and read a lot of guides about it, not a SINGLE one mentioned anything about EFS and the damage that can be caused if it is broken.

Even if you do the standard backups using the tools which come with the ROMs, they do NOT backup your EFS partition and if it gets wiped you lose your IMEI and a whole load of other stuff which will prevent your phone from connecting to the mobile network.

Luckily for me I found a workaround that let me recover the IMEI data and restore the phone, but it is not guaranteed for every handset and it depends on your circumstances.
So, even if you've flashed your handset a dozen times and are careful to backup all of the data and consider yourself well practiced at it, you need to do this as you will not have backed up your EFS unless you use a separate process and you don't know when it will go wrong and leave you with a dead mobile.
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