"#Explorers have used the stars as a compass for millennia. From ancient egyptians pyramids to Piri Reis Antarctica map it seems that something beyond the stars influenced human genius.

+Hank Johnson himself connected the terrestrial map with star constellations on his search for traces of #DarkXM.

Now a Group of collaborating agents is trying to calculate the correct shaper glyphs, the necessary Portal, and the amount of Exotic Matter required to track down the conspiratorial #Osiris secret.

It is already written in the stars that on May 26th at 7pm when it is planned to bring up the project's portals online to your scanners a strange symbol will occur above Kaltenberg’s sky.

To understand the possible meaning of this sign Team members explored ancient manuscripts:

The god Osiris (Orion)
is a central figure in ancient Egyptian beliefs about immortality because his legend allowed many Egyptians to believe they had a place in the afterlife. Ancient mythology holds that Osiris was trapped in a coffin and later torn into pieces by his brother Set. Osiris became lord of the underworld and judge of the dead after being resurrected by his wife, Isis (Sirius), and his mythology has become associated with the practice of mummification in preparation for the afterlife.

Draconis Alpha
was back in ancient egyptian astronomy the polar star. About 4,500 years ago, the Egyptians believed that the unmovable area the stars, the indestructables, encircled by 10 degrees each, was heaven in the sense that it was the place of the afterlife. The pole star at that time was Thuban (Alpha Draconis). They believed it was the portal or gate to eternity and the afterlife.

By connecting these two constellations a well known glyph will be present.

Will this sign help to Create the portal?"

Agents, Team #OrbisLudens needs your help! It’s time to move and to explore our missions. By sharing your adventures with #OrbisLudensMissions you help to gain the amount of exotic matter we will need at #OsirisEpiphanyNight at #SchlossKaltenberg.

+Ingress +H. Richard Loeb +Anne Beuttenmüller +Andrew Krug +Lizzy N.
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