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Our CEO +Radomir Basta just published an article on +SEMrush blog.

Focus of the article is on influencer engagement strategies but there are also all sorts of goodies in it.

Check it out!

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In this day and age, where all sorts of digital marketers are praising data, +Goran Mirkovic, Marketing Manager @ +AltusHost  reminds us that the key to successful content marketing cannot be solely found in your data. It cannot be found in your personal and unique story as well.

They key to creating a successful content marketing strategy lies in the middle of these two things. I’m talking about that sweet spot in between that covers the best of both worlds.

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy  

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Key takeaways from some of the biggest growth hacking strategies ever


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Did you know that the majority of your potential customers leave your website without making any purchase?
An astounding figure of 96% of cases proves this to be one of the largest problems for ecommerce businesses.

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Our brand new #contentmarketing  and #seo  timeline interactive infographic.

Take a look and let us know what you think :)

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Dibz is a #seotool that will simplify a link building research and link opportunities analysis (currently private beta).

If you have a few seconds take a look and subscribe for an early access to the tool.

We're using it in-house for the last 4 months and it works like a charm :)

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Google keeps changing its mind when it comes to rolling out the new Penguin. The latest news suggest it won't be by the end of 2015.


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You find a way to block Google ads.
Google finds a way to show you those ads on billboards near you. 
Skynet? :)

#google   #dooh  

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The idea behind RankBrain is to eliminate (or, more realistically, reduce) the need for human-provided input and allow the algorithm to expand its database on its own. 

+Rank Ranger​ thanks for awesome amount and level of support! We're really glad to be on board with you guys.
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