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Sade my daughter Maddie is going to be 14 on the 1st of Feb. She has a amazing gift. Gymnastics has always come natural to her. She has always said she wanted to teach it to other kids. A couple opened a Gym to teach gymnastics and cheer. They have opened there hearts and gym to these kids. Made them Belive in themselves! My daughter was struggling with being a teen when she got the chance to show what she could do. Coach Shilo walk up to me and told me that Madz is on the Obsidian Cheer Team. Front and Center. I started crying because I just knew how bad Madz wanted this and I couldn't afford. ... She said we will figure it out. :') This team has worked hard and Won 1st place and a chance at the Aloha Competition in Las Vegas. ......:"D We all want to see our Kids to have this Chance Can You sponsor the Teams??
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