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Notta Ethicist (Ethicist For Hire)
Continental philosopher trying to live in an analytic philosophy world...
Continental philosopher trying to live in an analytic philosophy world...

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My New Website
Ethicist For Hire is now live! There you can find: My comics My writing My book My commodities And lots of other stuff... I've also now got an Ethicist For Hire Facebook page . So go "like" that please. Or if that's too much to ask, you can always just drop...

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LSE Reviewed My Book
From  Book Review: The Philosophy of War and Exile by Nolen Gertz : Through a close critique of PTSD theory, just war theory, and Western ethics, combined with an empirical study of contemporary military training and torture methods, The Philosophy of War a...

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Zizek vs. The School of Athens
If you thought this comic was Good , good , or just propaganda , you can let me know  here :

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Continental Philosophy
Martin Luther King Jr.'s Diagram of Hegel's System Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great civil rights leader and champion of nonviolence. But beneath his views on race and oppression lies a philosophical schooling that began at least in graduate school, du...

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What is 'Terrorism', and Why Can't People of Colour Be Victims of It?
From my latest post on ABC Religion and Ethics : What is "terrorism"? What do we mean by describing an individual, a group, or an act as "terrorist"? The most basic answer is that terrorism terrorizes, and thus any individual, group or act that causes other...

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The Uber Bowl
Nietzsche's "Why I Am A Patriots Fan"  (an excerpt): "Like a last signpost to the other path, Belichick appeared, the most isolated and late-born man there has ever been, and in him the problem of the noble ideal as such made flesh—one might well ponder wha...

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Jimi Heidegger
If you like this psychedelic phenomenological poster, you can get a copy of it here  or here . If you really like this poster, you can show me here ...

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A Crumby Kafka Christmas
What else is a Jew to do on Christmas but imagine the birth of Christ as an R. Crumb-inspired, Kafkaesque nightmare? If you want to help me to do Part 2, or if you just like what I've done for Part 1, please subscribe to my Patreon page. As a Patreon subscr...

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A Treatise on Holiday Politics
A Hanukkah gift from me and Spinoza . And if you want to help me continue to become a disturber of religion, you can do so here:

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Tractatus Holiday-Philosophicus
A Hanukkah language-game from me and Wittgenstein . And if you would like to take your turn in this language-game, you can do so here:
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