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+Kirk McCann , Did I see you have the Insteon PLM working with the fanlinc?  I'm interested in that particular Insteon device since I really can't find anything else that will allow dimming of the lights and speed control of the fan in one simple package.  Would you mind telling me your thoughts of the Insteon setup?

Ok, I have a basic implementation on a virtual computer until I can get another raspberry pi and things seem to be working pretty well except two things are driving me insane.  It seems that any items that are date or time items do not get put in to the mysql persistence database?  Also, items such as sunrise time, etc... do not stay on the page if I refresh the openhab app page?  Anyone know of why either of these happen and how to fix them?

I'm just getting started with openHAB and testing things out.  I've trying to set timed events but it seems my time displays incorrectly on the web interface.  In the logs it is correct but why is it off in the interface?

Hey everyone... need some help powering a project.

My electronics skills are a bit rusty at this point but here is what I need and I just need some assistance in the right direction.

I have two circuits that I want to supply power to but I want one power source.

Circuit 1 requires 12vdc @ 4a

Circuit 2 requires 5vdc @ 2a

Is this possible?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

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Got my etched #hexbright on Monday and I've got to say it is BRIGHT. They are well built, have a nice feel, and are easy to reprogram. If you like flashlights or just like to program and mod stuff check it out at

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Polar bear plunge for special Olympics of Delaware
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The snow is coming down just in time for the polar near plunge.

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Project 4 - Smoke Photography Read more here
52 photo projects for 2013
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