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Spring is coming
Spring is coming. That's my mantra. It has been a cold dreary winter up to this point. Well, until the other day. The sun has been out two days in the last week. It's a mood lifter, that's for sure! At this point, there are 63 days until the official arriva...

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Soundtracking our lives
We arrive late every morning to my youngest's school, partly by design,to accommodate his SPD  and partly because I'm me. Let's be honest, my goal is to get there within 10 minutes of bell time. Friday morning is "DANCE DAY!"  Shout it with enthusiasm becau...

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Never give a nude kid an Ipad
I'm sitting in the living room waiting while the kids go up and get into their pj's upstairs. My son was carrying his iPad after taking his clothes off, I guess... because next thing I hear is... 'hey, B did you know that a penis works the iPad? I can use i...

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Partridge family. Or not.
I was determined to blog more as 2014 began.Mentioning it was the kiss of death I guess. It's been one long dreary winter here and I'm dreaming of escape.   I found out recently that a mom I know is going to be pulling her kids from school, selling their ho...

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Jan 3 2014
I want to do better this year. I want to write and actually have something to show for it.  I am a terrible blogger-I always begin to write on a topic and then end up so far off on a tangent that I need a gps to get back. Aaand... no matter my intentions, p...

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Walk in the woods
This morning we had a playdate cancel due to illness, which left me wondering what to do. Z asked to go to the park, so we went there, but it was wet from the heavy dew overnight .So wet that our attempts to use the swings made it rain dew onto us from the ...

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Baking success.
Success: I let my son help me bake. And I actually let him do it all. Failure: I ate cream cheese icing without Lactaid first... There are a lot of days where it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything worthwhile as a parent. I'm sure I raise my voice too much...

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Questionable Success OCT 4
Success: Despite being awake all night last night, I stayed awake all day and remembered to feed and take kids to school, and to pick them up. What? Like that doesn't count? It counts. I  even made meals and stuff. So, maybe as a success, that's a bit quest...

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One month and still sick!
It has been a month since we first welcomed this flu/cold/never ending cough into our home. I'm back to administering a puffer to Z every few hours because his coughing is outrageous, and I'm a little tired of cleaning up vomit every evening after his worst...

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This one's a draw.
Today's success: We were on time for school, and although my youngest was sniffling when I said goodbye, he went willingly to join the name hunt activity his class was doing. And then I learned later from his planning time teacher that he put his hand up an...
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