Today we have killed Titan. The first Clan in the Social Networks G+ and FB
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great achievment ~~~ hats-off to all the fighters !!!!!
wish more and more fighters can kill Titan~~~~be ready~
- -!  really tired now....and i want to watch the EURO,lol,take a little sleep now
Nice job to all... And to KTB!!!!

no a collection like the bonsais for example
lol in fb they tried many but fail  u r small come to fb and plsy
im from fb.. we didnt play titan yet.. there players who have done 12 wasp.. u guys  g+  r not the 1st to do titan. in vk the players have played more than 3 titans
+Pranav Morales friend,you know what?the game shadow fight appeared on google+ the latest,3 titans means an easy thing for us
we don't mind if we are the first,but getting stronger and stronger
hello bro!!  we did 7 titans  yesterday... 
+Pranav Morales hello bro,how many players on facebook and how many here.if we have the same number of players we can  do more than you did,you know?
i did 3 titan , 12 wasp , 27 lynx  , 60 samurai  in my profile . im in 2nd position . :p  +Aritra Chatterjee .  you guys can also do like that
lol,so many people know some guys cheat on Facebook
unfortunately + interface doesn't allow us to do that .....
lol ... fb done 7 titans and iam gonna do titan again on this sunday :P
congrat i bet thats impossible for me
Guyz i am from facebook shadow fight players i am from black Force 777 clan yesterday all players lost their rating,charges,rubies,coins,seals in facebook happen like this in google + shadow fight players happen ike tis
but y in facebook like tiz all weapon my frend lost 600 darks
and tiz sunday i think i will fight titan but lost the seals the nekki say that is a error but the nekki is stupid
i wan noe one think ktb redy finish how many titan pls tell
94 and no sword...maybe I also should ask to Nekky something....
really ........ Nekki should really gift you the sword now ....
ktb clan redy finish 94 titan and how many wasp how many lynx how many samurai how many wandere how many huntress and how many bucer
LOL .... yeah , lets hope .... but one thing is certain .... if Nekki ever starts a new powerful boss ...stronger than Titan ... you'll be the first person to defeat him 25 times have tons of Titan seals :D
I like more have the sword instead of 90 seals.....
pls answer to me the num of bosses ktb clan defeat
Kumu : its difficult to keep the count of lower bosses .... its best to calculate it yourself .... 94 Titans = How many other lower bosses
no bro i never fight titan yet tiz sunday iwill fight 1st titan but nekki redu buged
so i cannot play shadow fight here
dont know , new accounts are facing problem loading the game ... but here our clan kills 2-3 Titans every day ... 5 days a week ...
bro i also wan fight with titan bro i am new to google + pls help me
check if you can open shadow fight with this account ... dont think it'll open
bro can eneybody can cc to i play titan pls help
can anybody help me please to give some rubies?.. i really need it
you have to request the rubies at your money.....
don't you know any trick for rubies and coins?? please sgare ...
+Alfred Raphael : I just want to make it straight forward with +Mauro Passadore saying.... So far, the easiest way to get more rubies in the very instant way is just swap your credit card and click the options about how many rubies do you want later on. Good luck! 
what do you mean that the game is stopped??
i am still playing shadow fight in facebook .. i would be really glad if you can help me to have some rubies in my facebook account to buy charges and seals .. :(
I mean in the G+ platform, and no, I don't play in FB
can you help me to get some rubies for me in my FB account bro ? :)'re the 1st greatest player i ever know...if you can help me for only 1 time,i would be really2 glad.. i wanted to fight lynx,and wasp again soon..but no charges in my inventory and i never have dark charges :( .. can you help me out?
i understand that but i was just asking for your help ..if you understand what did i mean ..
+Alfred Raphael : another clarify for what +Mauro Passadore said. Even the name of the game is same (Shadow Fight), it doesn't mean that everyone who played in Google+ automatically played in FB, too. Furthermore, there is no connection/relationship at all between those program. It means, once you play in FB, better you can ask the other friend who play in FB. Straightly speaking, we only play this in Google+ (not in FB). And the game in Google+ is closed now (and not in FB). Good luck! 
+Alfred Raphael I'm sorry dude , this game dont exist in G+ network anymore , as far as any tricks are concerned , we dont have any , we've always played it by the rules. Have fun playing it on Facebook .
Hey , nice Profile picture btw ;)
ahaha .. :) can't help me to get some rubies in facebook? i'll inbox my id and pass ..
what do you mean by "this clan"? we played only in GoogleGame (not in FB) and already closed. thanks :) 
guys how to play SF with google plus??
with google plus??? no anymore, man. just play on FB or on your android then ;)
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