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INteresting. Being exposed to media reportage of parents who have fallen victim to SIDS, i have to admit that it is quite a scary phenomenon. It makes me question if it is a risk  i am willing to take if i were a mother. However, having been raised in an African home, where most first world parenting rules don't apply or are modified, i have found that the benefits of  bed sharing far outweighs my fears. I feel it increases the bond between parent and child. The child i believe, is continuously exposed to the nurturing presence of their parent- a safe haven, that cannot be replicated. 

on the other hand, if as a parent you are scared to harm your child, then do what you feel most comfortable with. Each to their own when it comes to parenting.

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These are valid points that i totally agree with. From my personal view, having witnessed my sister go through emergency C-section after an arduous labor that caused my womb to immediately take flight, i welcomed the relief of the scalpel. Although, it was scary to see her strapped to the bed, and hear the weird sounds coming from the other end of the curtain, i rested easy knowing that it would all be over soon...that baby and mummy will be out of danger. 

Elective C-sections on the other hand, is not something i can get down with. As Meta Physical said, with a healthy lifestyle women should opt for C-sections. By that same grain, i am going to go ahead and say that with a healthy lifestyle, women should, if they can manage it and if there isn't any immediate danger to the baby and mother, have a natural birth
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