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I was trying to explain to someone the difference between Java and JavaScript. "It is like the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars."

Java is Star Trek. It was first, and it is all uniforms, regulations, and red alerts. JavaScript is Star Wars. Grit, chaos, and mysticism.

I've got SynergyKM running to connect my Mac and PC. That works great for sharing mouse and keyboard. What I'd like next is a way to drag windows over from one machine to the other. This seems conceptually possible. When moving a window over, something like VNC could kick in to show the window on the other screen, and then a technology like what VMWare or Parallels does to crop windows on a virtual desktop could be used to make the window more native like on the alien host. Does anything like this exist? Even a way to run a full screen VNC extended desktop would be pretty neat, without the cropping.

Are there any tech oriented worker directed enterprises out there (which just means the workers are the board of directors)?

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RegExr v2 launches next Wednesday. Totally rebuilt in HTML/JS and sporting a ton of new features.

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Maybe its time for a programmers professional organization to put and end to this nonsense. Life is not about work, its about life.

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If you had doubts that mobile web/web apps are going bye bye and everything going native apps this should open your eyes. Even Google is slowly but surely abandoning it and it's becoming more and more noticeable.

The only problem with this article above (which is funny to me as this has been obvious for a while now) is that Google knows very well that it's sunset for mobile web / web apps. They have been shifting their strategy to native for a while now and going full steam. All of their services and advertising are now generating massive amounts of revenue through mobile.

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Google's new giant text headers (with the default link color from 1995) makes search results look like one of the "cheap" search services you get on a parked domain. It's awful.

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FreeFlow alpha released!

I am excited to announce that FreeFlow, a composition based layout engine for collections of data that +Richard Ratmansky and I worked on for the last 6 months is now on Github, released under the Apache 2.0 license.

The repo can be found at:

Freeflow is inspired by UICollectionView in iOS and Spark framework in Apache Flex.

FreeFlow allows you to create Layouts pretty easily in Android and allows you to create beautiful transitions as the layouts are swapped. The video below shows the demo "Artbook" app that loads data from Dribbble and lays it out in different layouts.

Hopefully the project README gives you some idea oh how it works. You can download the demo apk from:

At this time, the framework should be considered alpha. There are parts that may not be optimized or apis that could be better. I am hoping to get some feedback (and even better: pull requests) on the code as of right now. Hopefully folks who know a lot more about Android than us can point us to things that we can improve.

* whew *

cc +Adam Powell +Romain Guy +Roman Nurik +Chet Haase


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I made an SVGView use in Xamarin.Android. It seemed better than bitmaps.
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