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Dear Friend and Valued Customer,

There is still a lot of uncertainty in our economy and nation. Sales of the historic 3 G', Gold, Guns and Groceries (food storage reserves) continue to rise. Gold sales are up 16%, Gun sales are up 20%, and our Food Storage Reserves are up OVER 300% since August. We believe that this trend will continue to increase. 

I watch closely the 3 G's ever day. It is alwa
ys an indicator of what people really think of the economy and government policies. Supplies for some food items have gotten tight. We expect between now and the election that our food reserve sales will dramatically rise and shortages will occur. We highly suggest reviewing your personal food reserve supplies now. We are seeing more prices of food items on the rise due world wide shortages and government monetary inflation. 

As you own personal hedge against price inflation, you can lock in right now today's lower food prices for the next 25 years when purchasing any of our Mountain House can or pouched freeze-dried foods, or any of Backpackers Pantry or our Rocky Mountain Food Reserves freeze-dried food #10 cans. This may well become one of the most important and best investments you'll ever make! I like to think of it as the only "insurance policy" that can bring greater peace-of-mind and security for you and your family and one that you can actual eat! No other policy provides such double dividends.

I have recently added more food reserves for my own family and intend on adding even more due to price inflation and government uncertainty that I believe is coming before years end.

As one friend to another, now is the time to prepare for more turbulent time just ahead.

Be Prepared!

Harry R. Weyandt
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