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Paul Silver

So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Freelancer? Why not come to the pub on Wednesday night and have a chat with loads of friendly freelancers in Brighton?

We'll be in the Hampton Arms from 8pm-closing. I'll have a big green sign on the table, or ask the bar staff where we are. They give us a discount on some of the drinks, so it's worth saying you're with us before ordering to find out what's on offer.

Here's some notes of what was talked about last week, and this post should also link to a map to the Hampton Arms.

  * How to make cross platform mobile apps
  * Cooking strange things
  * App ideas
  * Slow websites
  * Bad clients and avoiding them
  * The Skiff
  * Cognitive/behavioural research explained - CogLode (a project by Ribot Industries)
  * Non-client projects
  * Buying a home in Brighton vs moving slightly West
  * Top Gear's rider and Netflix
  * Sky's scarf, modelled by Elliot
  * Security on 'smart' appliances
  * PHP frameworks
  * Having your own codebase
  * Java
  * Companies that ignore security warnings
  * Niche selection
  * Easters
  * Chocolate
  * Migraines & rashes - annoying food additives
  * Coworking for sanity
  * Lagrange points and carbon fibre tethers
Farm meet: Hampton Arms
Farm meet: Hampton Arms
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It's our regular Wednesday freelancers meet up in the Hampton Arms tomorrow. We'll be there from 8pm until closing, and we'll have a big green sign on the table, and the bar staff can point you our way if you can't find us.

Here's a map to the Hampton, and a list of a little of what was talked about last week:

  * Laravel and Vagrant
  * Project set ups
  * Replacing overly complex code
  * Finding full time work depressing
  * Problems with using Wordpress over the long term
  * How to find contract work
  * Re-starting freelancing
  * Data visualisation
  * Mobile powerpack charging your cigarette
  * Scottish independence
  * The freedom to travel
  * Finding the right idea for your business
  * Starting Drupal
  * Information locked in the Farm
  * Collaborative projects
  * Will the Oculus Rift make Second Life more popular?
  * Artist meet ups?
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I've started putting up photos from the aircooled VW shows/events I've been to over the years. The earliest I've got, from back in 1999, have just gone up. Looks like Type 3s and buggies were popular that year, and the carpark was really full of old VWs.
Volksworld Show 1999
Volksworld Show 1999
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Kate's a lovely person and her previous talk was great. If you've got any interest in running an e-commerce website, and especially if you're not technical, I suggest going to her talk on Tuesday...
Kate will talk about how she built up her e-commerce business for dogs with skin conditions without spending a penny on advertising, and how you can do it too. She'll cover how to spread your message far and wide, grow a customer base using free tools, how to spend wisely, and scale up cheaply.
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Shame, such an innovative artist with a very distinctive style...
HR Giger has died... from a fall, of all things :(

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Interesting talk coming up next week...
Data has been represented visually for centuries but recent developments in web browser technology has let to a flourishing of sharing and creativity within the data visualisation community. Peter will be showing how visualisation can not only make data beautiful, but that it can provide valuable insights into data sets. He will show a number of examples of web-based data visualisation and talk about the tools used to create them.

About the speaker

Peter Cook's interest in data visualisation probably started at school when he drew his first bar chart. Through his engineering degree he always enjoyed explaining difficult concepts using visuals and he now designs and develops data visualisations for a living through his company Animated Data

Free tickets

This is a free event, but it would be a great help if you register so we know how many people are coming. Please get a ticket at
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It's our Wednesday evening get together in the Hampton Arms tomorrow night. If you're a freelancer and want to chat with other freelancers in a very relaxed setting, please come along.

We'll be there from 8pm, the Hampton give us a discount on food (served until 9) and some drinks, so make sure you mention you're with 'The Farm' before ordering.

Here's some of the things talked about last week:

  * Game design
  * Working for small companies rather than large ones
  * Soulless games due to cookie cutter decisions and lack of risk taking
  * Stopping smoking (still stopped!)
  * Server nightmares
  * Tiredness
  * The boat buying process
  * The Skiff / 68 Middle Street
  * New coworking space
  * Doing skillswaps
  * SEO
  * Lancing's seafront building
  * Illness
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I've been clearing out some old tech books and paperwork to make my office a little more sane. This is a picture of the book I learnt my first programming from, back in 2000-2001. ColdFusion isn't a popular language amongst the techies I know, but I still like using it for it's rapidity and relative smallness (when compared to the sprawl that is PHP.) While I'm fond of it, the book had to go as I never look in it any more and the language has moved on - v10 is current - and had lots of minor improvements even to the older functions.

Still, I couldn't resist taking a picture to remind me of it.
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