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To be free and forgiven isn't on top of most people's list. But as you continue to lay down things and thoughts of this world, you see more of the Love that God is, and has.

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If Obama or Bush would say such a thing all these "patriots" would cry Illuminati but now that their Messiah has been voted into the White House, you'll see many of them even defending Trump without any critical thinking faculty active.

Just saying

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Just read this very revealing piece by Dante Fortson before praising the enemy of your enemy as your messiah.

And when you think life is all about a nice drum and bass line, read it too. Because this is the rhythm you need to catch. It's the rhythm that makes the music. 

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An interesting article by brother Fortson.

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WWW,  April 9 2017 - Just a few
months after he was selected to be the next American president, Donald Trump
proves once again how those that look at their preferential candidate as if he
is the Messiah will turn o...

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This is a series with Michael Heiser where he goes into stuff that is not usually covered because of it's nature. Stuff about "Christian Celebrities", "Hipster Churches", Racism in the Church and other topics.

Much reccommended!

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All Things Work For Good
ALL THINGS WORK FOR GOOD MESSIAN DREAD UPDATE MARCH 29 2017 WWW,  March 29 2017 - Over two years
since the last update . Apart
from a few postings on the Dubroom Message Boards and Google+ as well as some
interesting discussions on YouTube, nothing has come...

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Ales Jones Flirtboy Uses Punk To Defend US President Donald Duck Trump. I was there in that time. Wason is a parasite vampire

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Earliest mosques do not point to Mekkah. Why Mekka and when? Who conquered al; these lands now claimed to be "Muslim lands"? With evidence from history and archealogy

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Michael Heiser and Derek Gilbert in conversation about the mother of all wars.
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