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I am missing a lot of my emails as they miss inbox.
How do I get them all to go through the inbox please?
Thanks in advance

Boost not working with the update, but I had to have new meters installed and I don't think the system is working correctly.
Who do I contact? Hive, or BG themselves?

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Matthew Horton was out hiking. He tracked 1.81 mi in 47m:23s.

I think it is time to leave Hive!
Just got a very high gas bill and it looks like the reason is that my hot water has been on constantly for ages even though the app has told me it is set on schedule only to come on twice a day for 30 minutes.
I can't do with another costly mistake from the app again so will have to leave Hive!

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I like the widget which is very helpful.
British Gas has just been to service my boiler and he said that when I had it installed I should have had a three amp fuse added. Is this correct? I had it fitted about a year ago.

Also, having to turn the heating off for the engineer I noticed that the frost protection temperature has changed to 7 degrees from 5. Why?

Many thanks in advance.

Well, I have just tried to fill in the interactive form and it says....
My Hive - 1 to 6 Time Slot Scheduling System
The form "My Hive - 1 to 6 Time Slot Scheduling System " is no longer accepting responses.
Try contacting the owner of the form if you think that this is a mistake.

I have updated the app now. Please do the firmware.
Many thanks.

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