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Is there available a Microsoft Account provider for ServiceStack? I've a customer wanting to use Microsoft accounts for authentication. Thanks.

I need to perform authentication and authorization in ServiceStack using a custom OAuth 2 server. Any hint on how to deal with this?

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Hi Demis,
is there a way in ServiceStack to  slide session expiration? I've seen the solution suggested here: but I was wondering if there is something built-in in the recent releases.

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Always forward :)

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I'd like to implement JSON Vulnerability Protection for angularjs as described in$http 

Simply adding ")]}',\n" in front of JSON response.

What is the best solution to achieve this result? Is this really needed?

Is there a plan to add SSL support to Redis Client? I really need it to connect to Azure Redis Cache.

We're facing an issue with HasRole method returning false using Redis as ICacheClient and we're going crazy with this one.

Everything works properly with InMemoryCache. We are using a CustomUserSession, with MongoDB as IUserAuthRepository. 

Any clues?

Today we've updated our project to v4.0.30 and we're facing issues with our Locked account logic. We had overridden the AssertNotLocked method in our custom provider, but now in last release locked out logic is "hardcoded" in ValidateAccount method:
" var isLocked = userAuth.LockedDate != null;
            if (isLocked)
                return authService.Redirect(session.ReferrerUrl.AddHashParam("f", "AccountLocked"));

Why this? Can't ValidateAccount still call the AssertotLocked method in order to being able to override its logic without having to override the whole ValidateAccount method?


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Social Network a confronto - Social Media comparison

Un interessante infografica che racchiude le principali differenze tra i migliori social network in circolazione.


#socialmedia #socialnetwork #Facebook #twitter #googleplus #instagram #pinterest #linkedin


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