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T3 Hair Care Essentials
Hi Fashionistas, Summertime means vacation time! Kids are out of school, the temperatures are constantly increasing and you booked your next vacay. I hate packing and I usually do it a day before I leave but it usually ends up in a big mess because I want t...

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My Favorite Two-Piece
Hey Fashionistas, Happy Humpday! The temperatures here in Los Angeles are finally climbing up and it's  starting to feel like summer! I just recently heard that the temperatures will rise to triple digits!!! WHAT! It is going to be hot but I don’t think we ...

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What to wear to a Baseball Game
Hat: Cooper and Mays || Bodysuit: Forever 21 || Short: H&M || Sneakers: Puma || J eans Jacket: H&M || Dodger Bag: Dooney & Bourke Hey Fashionistas, It's time for Dodgers baseball! I love going to baseball games - as you might have noticed. My husband and I ...

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How to style a Leather Jacket
Hey Fashionistas, I'm back from my Cancun vacation and it was absolutely breathtaking. Currently, I am working on a little video that captures our entire trip to Mexico. In Mexico, we had to endure 90-degree weather whereas in Los Angeles it's quiet cooler....

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Why you need to use essential oils
Hey Fashionistas, You guys know that I love oils. I was recently gifted with three oils. A face oil, a vitamin oil, and an eye oil. The company Healing Natural Oils is selling fantastic all natural oils that you can easily use to nourish your face. I am usi...

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Babbleboxx Review + Coupon Codes
Hi Fashionistas, I was recently gifted with an amazing goodie box! The items are all amazing and I encourage you to check them out. Below you will find a detailed review of each and every item. My favorite item from this box is the Coobie bralette. Bralette...

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I designed my own heels
Hey fashionistas, I hope you guys have been having a great week! I feel like time is flying, in less than 2 weeks I will be on my vacation. So for a few days, I have to leave my little cat behind, which makes me kinda sad because I worry way too much about ...

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Wooden Sunglasses
Hey Fashionistas, Happy Friday! Now, it is time to relax and enjoy the weekend! I still have a lot of work to do so I will be on my computer most of my Saturday. I have to run some errands but on Sunday we can finally relax since my husband works every Satu...

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Fun Spring Look
Hey Fashionistas, The weekend is so close I can taste it. I haven’t made any plans yet besides working out and producing more content for my blog. Today I want to share a store that I visit very often. I am talking about Marshalls. I assume most of you know...

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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift
Hey Fashionistas,  I did not put together a gift guide for mom's for this upcoming Mother's Day because I have been so busy lately. I started a new job and at the beginning, it always takes some time to get used to everything. The drive is also taking longe...
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