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Ben Lewis
Classes, gym, café. What, you want specfics?
Classes, gym, café. What, you want specfics?

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Speaking from experience, sometimes you're forced into it.
Watch out for your fellow devs. 

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Of course, similar things could be said about most programming languages. This one's just a bit more dramatic.

Hello Chicago, I'm here and drinking a coffee.

I'm on a train!

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Yeah, pretty much.

Fresh coconut curry for dinner. First try at cooking with an actual coconut, and not canned coconut milk. Here goes?

I've watched two wonderful movies over break; they're both very small, very tight films: Margin Call and Much Ado About Nothing (the Joss Whedon version.) I'm not sure I can give them enough praise, just go watch them.

My Common Lisp textbook is mocking me. It sits there and waits ... and I still have assignments to work on.

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Snow is falling in Montréal; your recommended listening. Agalloch - Falling Snow
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