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Why I Keep Ranting about Gay Rights: Part 1 — My North Star of Biblical Interpretation
Someone on a Facebook thread a
few days ago said that something must have happened to me in the past to make
me have such a strong conviction in favor of gay rights.  That same person later described my
expression of said convictions to be ranting. 
So I de...

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Amazon has games on sale as Lightning Deals.

Marvel Legendary,$42.78 (29% off). Deal ends in less than 3-1/2 hours.

Dominion, $21.08 (31% off). Ends in less than 3 hours.

No pics, but my wife and I played games all weekend with our 16-year-old great nephew and family for his birthday weekend. He loves games, and so do we, so we showed up as a surprise with a few games as gifts.

Over the weekend, we played Pokémon Monopoly, Sushi Go, Fluxx, Bang!, Ticket to Ride, and Phase 10. We love games. We love our great nephew. What a wonderful weekend!

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Amazon Toys & Games Lightning Deals. It looks like several board games start at 3:00 AM for Prime members. (I think Eastern Time.)

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Baseball Highlights: 2045, $26.49 --

Saloon Tycoon, $35.75, free shipping with $50 domestic orders (35% off)


7 Ronin, $17.20, Prime (33% off) 1 left in stock
Star Trek Ascendancy*, $64.40, Prime (36% off)

Red Dragon Inn 3, $12.25, Prime (68% off)

6 Nimmt!, $9.87, Prime (24% off)


Pathfinder Adventure Card Game: Wrath of the Righteous Base Set, $28.00 (53% off)

Temporum, $29.26 (41% off) -- a bit lower at Cardhaus (see below) if you don't have Amazon Prime for the free shipping

Rattlebones, $20.75 (40% off)


Temporum, $28.04 (44% off)


Tumult Royale has dropped a few more pennies, $16.73 (58% off, all-time low)

I can't find it lower anywhere else.

Several at Amazon today:

Spooky Castle, $18.66 (47% off, all-time low)

Hyperborea has dropped a few more pennies to $44.30 (56% off)

Mafia De Cuba Exp Revolucion De Cuba has dropped a bit more to $9.45 (53% off)

Smugglers, $20.65 (48% off)

Broom Service has dropped a bit since I last mentioned it here, to $22.17 (51% off)

Tumult Royale, $17.73 (56% off, all-time low)

Vikings on Board, $22.32 (all-time low)

The Walking Dead: The Prison, $22.34 (55% off) Only 1 left in stock!

Game of Crowns, $11.32 (62% off)

Artificium, $14.00 (60% off)

Let's Kill: A Pretty Corpse, $6.28 as add-on (47% off, all-time low)

Magic The Gathering: Arena of the Planeswalkers Battle for Zendikar Expansion Pack has dropped to $5.39 as an add-on (73% off, all-time low)

7 Ronin, $19.20 (all-time low)

Relic Knights: Sebastian Cross & Rook, $14.99 (73%off) (This one doesn't look like it's exactly a board game, but almost.)

Push a Monster, $20.39 (38% off, all-time low)

Eketorp, $34.69 (30% off, all-time low)

Saloon Tycoon, $36.07 (tied for all-time low)
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