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Rick Santorum = facepalm

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Restaurant in a cave: amazing!
Restaurant in a Cave

Cave restaurant is located underneath the Grotta Palazzese hotel in a small town of Polignano a Mare, Italy.
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This is a great pro-active strategy. Always better to engage with people rather than marginalise them etc.
The budget for winners is $1 million, and Google will pay out as many rewards as it can on a first-come-first-served basis until the money expires.

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One of his best... love it!
The Official Tad Theme Song

Al wrote this about me.

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Going To Bed Like A Boss

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Wow... never realised goats are kind of awesome!
I never realized just how much goats can climb!
Spending their lives in the mountains climbing, mountain goats reach this incredible virtuosity, excelling in this mastery of many other animals that seem more suited for this purpose.
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Only in America...

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The tech revolution...

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Politics with cats: An explanation of the war on terror

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The perils of online journalism

I've already posted this on one of +CamMi Pham 's posts, but thought I'd share it with everyone.

A while back I shared one of the articles about the Team Bondi scandal, and shared my brief thoughts about what really happened and what was in the media having experienced it first hand.

It's actually really interesting hearing directly from the person that wrote the article, hearing his quite accurate summation of what he felt went on and how amazed/scared he was about the way the online media sensationalised what essentially were unsubstantiated/unsourced allegations.

The picture was painted by the media that the Team Bondi management were horrible people that took some pleasure in mistreating their workers. This is not true at all either. In many ways I was looked after, especially after I took seriously ill and had to leave suddenly - was actually well looked after during a very difficult time.

However... "In business it isn't crooks who are to be feared most, it is honest men who don't know what they are doing. "--W. Wordsworth

As some will know the company has since been shut down after going bankrupt, leaving employees owed over $1M is unpaid overtime, which is something that was, at least to me, inevitable based on the way the company was managed. (source:

The speech by Andrew does highlight the danger that the "real time information" age has created, and just how easy it could have sensationalised his work to get fame and notoriety.

A lesson in character and integrity. Well done Andrew, for not only doing the right thing, but recognising the potential to have done the wrong thing and making us aware in a way that provokes thought/change.
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