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It looks like some of you on Twitter are falling for the suspension game. Here's how it works. A group of trolls will send out a PUBLIC tweet that attacks a targeted conservative. [Note: a public tweet is a tweet that begins with anything other than @<username>.] The target swallows the bait by replying to the tweets. The trolls then report the tweet for spam from their mentions column. The Twitter algorithm treats any reply to a public tweet as "unsolicited" and if enough people report for spam from the same user within a certain time, the account gets flagged and the user is suspended. Don't fall for the trick, especially if you are getting attacked by several people at once in a short time frame! Just ignore the attacks. The Republic will survive, trust me, and you won't get suspended.
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Good advice - thanks, Ken.
They won't even play with me any more. I must have made it onto a tried to suspend but failed list. That and I usually block them .
It's a public tweet if it begins with anything other than @username. All of your followers see your public tweet. If you begin a tweet with @username, only people who follow both you and @username can see the tweet.
Thanks! This is a great explanation of what is happening!
Thanks! I was wondering how they were able to flag obvious non-spam tweets as spam. I wish they were more alert about ACTUAL spammers as they are about non-spammy spam. Feeling a Monty Python song coming on...
I had this done to me earlier by a conservative after I was told I am intentionally ignorant and do nothing but sleep around, my account is currently frozen.  So, let's not fear-monger this into a "Liberal" thing... it's not "Crazy Liberals" it's general internet a$&%*&#$ they come from the left AND right!
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