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kiru magu
Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jaeger
Sie sind das essen und wir sind die jaeger

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Personalized Throw Pillow
Hi guys, Meg ada bwat bantal custom yg korg boleh buat as hadiah, momento, perhiasan and lain2. Lukisan dan perkataan adalah 100% customizable; means korg boleh request ikut apa yg korg nak and gambar tu Meg akan jadikan dlm bentuk chibi macam kat gambar at...

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new contact email
hi guys,i will no longer using as my primary email.Instead I use because I use my yahoo mail rarely.If any of you sending email to my yahoo mail and never get the respond,you need to know that you're far from b...

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Doodle dump #1
Some of my rejected drawings development for client with princess and prince as the theme.I tried so many kind of style just to please the client..but oh well. ^___^'''

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Warm up post- Art trade
Since blog ni dah terabai sehabis mungkin selama beberapa tahun yg lalu so 'saya' (cewah bajet formal) secara sukacitanya ingin merasmikan reopening blog ini bagi tahun 2016.So yeah..sesapa yg nak berart trade dengan Meg silakanlah komen kat sini. Seriously...

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Test market
klu Meg buat giveaway chibi korg nak tak?  #ceritaorgdahlamatakupdateblog #entahadekeygingatkite #insecureaf

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Tshirt printing
Hi guys,do you have any recommendation for any tshirt printing shop?that's all.thankyou.

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Krita- alternative for Sai and Photoshop
Let me introduce this software real quick.Meet Krita,a software where both infamous drawing software;Photoshop and Sai combined together. You know what I really like about this software,the interface is user friendly.The brushes also almost as smooth as in ...

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May art dumps
some of drawing I 've made last month. oh im on my final right now.Wish me good luck.hehehe.
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