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#Excerpt from LUCIFER & THE INDIGO KIDS by @Lord_Ra_Krishna #NonFiction #Philosophy #Life
Me vs. God… Dread Locs on my head Like snakes on Medusa Get to close and you turn into stone If I were a girl Then I would be Medusa Tell Jay-Z and Kanye Get the f#ck out of my throne It's the clash of the Titans It's me vs. God They're just mad Because I s...

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Marilyn Holdsworth Shares an #Excerpt from MAKING WISHES @M_Holdsworth #AmReading #WomensFic
AGGIE HAS AN ASSIGNATION... from the novel MAKING WISHES by Marilyn Holdsworth Her
guests continued their speculations on Elloree and Tom’s marriage, and
Aggie glanced across the room to where Brian Coleman was just sitting
down with two other men. He lo...

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Charlotte Piotrowski on Gender Harmony - GLIMPSES OF HEAVEN ON EARTH @JohnEWadeII #Excerpt
From the chapter on gender harmony, by co-author Charlotte L. Piotrowski: “In
heaven on earth, women will have the same access to education as men,
and the same job opportunities. They will enjoy the same right to voice
their opinions. They will not be...

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HUSH #Excerpt by Kimberly Shursen @KimberlyShursen #Suspense #Mystery #Thriller
Prologue - June 21, 1997   Thirteen-year-old
Ben Grable stared out the window of his father’s car. He wished he
could close his eyes and be somewhere—anywhere else—just not on the way
to the nursing home.He hated today. Every
Sunday, his father dragged ...

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A LIFE LESS ORDINARY #Excerpt by Victoria Bernadine @VicBernadine #Women #ChickLit #GoodReads
Leah watched with amusement as Zeke paced around her boardroom. “I’m
telling you, she won’t last a week! A more…prudish, repressed woman I
have yet to meet! I doubt she’s done anything just for fun in her life!” “Doesn’t mean she won’t go the full six mon...

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Mike Hartner Man's Desire to Survive & Thrive - The Eternity Series @MHartnerAuthor #Romance #HistFic
What Inspired Me to Write This Book This book is the second in a series of books called The Eternity Series. The Eternity Series has several inspirations. The
first inspiration is to show that each life, each person, is different.
We all have our crosses...

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@MargaretWestlie Shares Her Experience on the Germ Theory of Writing #Murder #Mystery #WriteTip
I was taking the Masters’ Degree in English at the University of
Missouri at Kansas City I was taught the germ theory of writing.  You
hear a story or read an article in a magazine and take a word or a
phrase from it and create your own story aroun...

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@AmyLewisAuthor on Loss & Grieving Being Part of Life #Relationships #Marriage #Memoir #Women
Five Things Being a Young Widow Has Taught Me I
was 27 when my first husband died unexpectedly after an eleven-day
illness. While our marriage was far from perfect (and I do mean far), I
loved him with an open heart. Now 15 years later, I can clearly say...

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#Author Kirsten Mortensen on Being Able to Think for Herself @Kirstenwriter #AmReading #Suspense
How do you work through self-doubts and fear? I’m
a strong believer in facing your fears. In fact, I’ll go even further
and say that facing our fears is one of the most important, and
fulfilling, things we need to do during our lives. Fear can be an asse...

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##Excerpt from THE BEAUTIFUL AMERICAN by Marilyn Holdsworth @M_Holdsworth #HistFic #Women
no,” she wailed the moment the door opened revealing the two guards.
“The guillotine,” she cried. “It is to be today. Dear God,
dear God, have pity on my sou...
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