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You can feel the raw emotion and passion. If you're feeling down, watch this again.

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+Luke Campbell

I am curious after reading this information:

Atomic 'lasers' and matter waves... could they allow a particle beam to be focused like a laser to achieve similar effective ranges?

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Interstellar Trade is Possible!

I have a very long post coming up on my blog (10k+ words). Would you prefer it all together or in separate parts?

+Winchell Chung I am curious, have you updated the Gas-Core Nuclear Engine entry recently? I see a section dedicated to GNCRs using radiators to increase their temperature allowances.

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+Winchell Chung
You might want to update the exhaust velocity figures for various propellants using figures from this NASA report. Unsurprisingly, they are temperature dependent.

I'm sure you can extract some pretty quotes on ISRU too ;)

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High performance, high efficiency, high specific power electricity in space?

The Expansion-Condensation Closed-Cycle Nuclear Turbine Generator.

A nuclear reactor heats a coolant such as nitrogen to high temperatures and pressures, like a nuclear thermal rocket. Efficiency 90%.
The coolant is expanded through a nozzle to moderature temperatures, low pressures and high velocity, like a propulsive nozzle.
A multi-stage turbine converts the gas's energy into mechanical energy. This slows down the gas. Efficiency over 80%.
Electric generator converts turbine motion into electricity, efficiency 90%.
Second expansion nozzle condenses and liquefies the gas. This creates near-vacuum pressures, reducing back-pressure at the first nozzle. The liquid coolant is collected and pumped back into the reactor.

Overall efficiency is 65% to 80%. Nuclear reactor can have GW/ton specific power. Turbine can have several dozen MW per ton specific power, coupled with electric generator.

Can this work? Will it compare favourably to Stirling engines and thermocouples?

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+Winchell Chung
I just went through the Feb 25 update.

I wanted to point out on the section 'Knowledge is Power': knowledge is probably the only practical thing to trade across interstellar distances...

This was a theme central to Charles Stross's Neptune's Brood.
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