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ATX Bench Power Supply Status LED
Like lots of electronics hobbyists, I have an old ATX power supply salvaged from a PC that I use as a bench power supply.  It cost practically nothing and it works well enough. However, like any self-respecting geek, I can't look at anything for any length ...

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Crimp vs Solder...fight !
For a project I'm working on, I have a requirement to butt-join some power cables together.  I have been soldering them, but for reasons that needn't detain us here they are an awful pain in the ass to solder.  I wondered was there any downside to using but...

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Proportional Representation in Ireland
Proportional Representation in Ireland Introduction Since achieving independence in 1921, we in Ireland have elected members to The Dail (one of our Houses of Parliament) using a system of voting called Single Transferrable Vote (article 16, section 2, subs...

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Fake MAX3232 RS232 line drivers ?
This is my second post about the plague of knock-off ICs. The job was simple: I needed an RS232 interface on a Raspberry Pi so that I could use it to log console output from a misbehaving router (don't ask).  I could have picked up one of the millions of US...

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Spot the Chinese knock-off. The IC on the top is the genuine article (its an LED driver). It costs about €10 (+VAT) from a reputable supplier in small quantities (down from nearly €20 a couple of years ago). The IC on the bottom came from eBay. I got ten of...

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Where does Blogger store pictures
They say that a picture tells a thousand words.  Imagine my dismay, then, when I noticed that all of the pictures from my recent blog posts (all the ones I had created since switching to Blogger, actually) had vanished.  Thousands and thousands of my bons m...

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Repair of an LED Lenser flashlig
My trusty little LED Lenser flashlight stopped working rather suddenly.  I thought the batteries had failed because (a) nothing that over-engineered could possibly break and (b) there was evidence of crusty white "stuff" inside the battery compartment that ...

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My friend's M&M sorting machine:

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Five minutes later this man was hot-wiring the plane :-)

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The Great Crash, 1929
I have just finished reading "The Great Crash, 1929" by  John Kenneth Galbraith .  Although written in 1954 about events in America in 1929, an awful lot of it seems very familiar: only the dates and locations have changed.  Its all there: lax monetary poli...
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