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Chris Mackney's Suicide Note
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Economic Inequity of US Social Engineering
2013 Divorced Family Example Two children Each parent earning $15.00 an hour (full-time) Male paying 40% of income in child support Here are the numbers using IRS 1040 Tax Filing and Federal Poverty Level guidelines: Line Entries (1040 Line Numbers) Male pa...

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This is a new concept to me...  Sort of an apolitical answer to the economic extremism of:

* Capitalism's "Just work hard and you'll have the advantages I began with;" and (also known as, "Just World Fallacy").

* Socialism's "Just serve the State, and we will more than make up for the loss of your family, soul, property, and other sacrifices the State demands of you." (also known as, "Tyranny happens").

Politically, Distributists run the gamut, and just like Capitalism and Socialism, there is no example of its success (but unlike our current polar options-- no examples of crushing failures).

The focus is human, but requires a paradigm shift where family and local community are truly important to one another.

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The Fall -- Three Stories
This fascinates for several reasons...

My first thought was of my own similar experience. I was walking around a World War II era building at a munici...

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Maybe the Muslims are on to something?

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True story. Enjoy
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