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People have taglines?
People have taglines?

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Rick Falkvinge explains why you best not forget where we've already been with these people.

+Newt Gingrich +Mitt Romney
I find that your currently espoused positions on LGBT rights expose the both of you as harmful to the productivity of the discussion of human rights in general, poisonous to the concept of human dignity, and that the basis of these beliefs are an explicit admission of your superficial, authoritarian, childish, tribalist, and exclusivist grasp of morality. However, I wish to convey that I would never want to see either of you ‒or the people with whom you share this _morality_‒ forced out of the conversation. Only through critical discussion can such a backward non-answer to the question of ethics be exposed for what it is: a cancerous cop-out, and an outright threat to the integrity and the future of our civilization as a whole.

As you're likely well aware, it is working. Your impending sense of being left behind (sometimes expressed as a longing for the return of times past) is entirely justified. You and your ilk are being abaondoned to humanity's childhood, just where you belong.

I'm under no delusion that you'll read this, and even if you were to, I understand that between the political and ideological investements you've made, and the mental frameworks furnished by your respective religions ‒designed to rebuke the exact type of message in this post‒ that nothing in either of you will change as a result.

I want to end this by saying that, perhaps to your surprise, I don't think that either of you are evil, and that I don't particuarly hate or wish any ill will upon you. I believe that you will follow through with what you feel to be moral and just actions, and that even if I disagree with what you have to say, and feel that your beliefs are toxic: I wish to extend solidarity to the both of you (along with your peers in opinion) as fellow humans, and thinking, feeling beings; even if you would deny such an expression to others. Exposing yourselves to public scrutiny as you are requires courage, and demands a certain kind of respect†, perhaps one that should be honored between candidates and from both directions across the party lines.

†_People deserve respect, ideas and beliefs, no matter how firm, do not; especially when they are put forth by those that either are, or seek to be in a position of authority._

TL;DR ‒ We can all disagree with each other on many things, but that's no excuse to act mutually inhuman.
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