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Member of the "Education Establishment" Responds
Everyone (except some legislators) has attended school, and
considers himself or herself an expert.  Last week, following the latest revenue failure , Secretary of Finance Doerflinger made a statement about all the
problems he and his colleagues are having ...

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All the Novels I Need to Read
I have brilliant friends, friends who read...some even read more than I do. When I put out the call for books we all need to read during the next turbulent years, it was answered enthusiastically. And I discovered my very brilliant friends had read books I ...

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Nonfiction for Hard Times
I promised four posts, all with extensive book lists, and here's my second, "Nonfiction I Have Actually Read." I am married to a surprise. But, Bob Swisher reads nonfiction. In our 52 years together, I remember him reading two novels: Zen and th...

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Message from Choice Summit? "We're Gonna Hurt You Some More"
I am offering my blog to Angel Worth, a Metro teacher who DID attend the School Choice Summit last week. Many educators were refused admittance, with their tickets for the event in their hands. Dr. Rick Cobb, Superintendent of Mid-Del Schools and his wife ...

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Books to Read as We Survive Trying Times
I recently saw an observation that when Barack Obama was elected, sales of guns spiked...and now with the election of Donald Trump, we are seeing a resurgence in the sale of books . As a Reading for Pleasure teacher, I find that fascinating...and hopeful. E...

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Excu-u-u-u-se Me
Note--this is my 200th post. Others write so much faster (and better if I were honest), but I'm proud of this! “Vitriol” An
interesting word I’m hearing a lot…usually directed to passionate educators who
stand up for our profession. The first time recently ...

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Top Ten Reads of 2016
I can never follow the rules on any 'top' followed by a number list, and why should 2016 be any different? I had to revise my total goal on Goodreads DOWN, after my husband's emergency hip-replacement-replacement surgery, but I still did a lot of reading. 1...

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CAPTURING THE SPARK by David Cohen -- A Review
"...the real drivers of education are not technological or programmatic. It's educators who make innovation work, when they are connected, empowered, and inspired to make learning come alive for students." I have met David Cohen, the author, several times, ...

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Winter is Coming -- Vouchers, Too
Winter is coming...the legislative session is coming. Vouchers are coming. I have read the first Game of Thrones novel, and was horrified when Martin, the author, killed off my very favorite character with no mercy...since then I check in with others who co...

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"There's a Pony in There Someplace"
A young father tried very hard to prepare his son for the ‘real
world’ by providing challenging experiences. His son was a natural optimist and
never learned the hard lessons Dad wanted him to learn…he always saw the bright
side. The father wracked his brai...
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