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Giada Loop Machine
An open-source audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.
An open-source audio tool for DJs, live performers and electronic musicians.

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A new smashing version of Giada, codename "Raudive Tapes" is ready for your desktop. Inspired by Konstantīns Raudive, a guy who investigated electronic voice phenomena (EVP), this release provides MIDI learn for plugins parameters. From now on you can let your favorite MIDI hardware control any VST effect or VST instrument: a golden feature for live performing.

In addition we added the ability to toggle hidden files in File Browser, fortified plugin loading, fixed lots of bugs plus the usual overall cleanup. Enjoy!

#audio #daw #loopmachine #linux #opensource #vst #midi


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Yesterday we released a new shining version of Giada, number 0.13.1 codename The Shunned House, inspired by the short horror story by H.P. Lovecraft. This episode brings many exciting features:

* MIDI messages to channels/plugins — now you can play and record your favorite VST instruments through a MIDI keyboard/controller;

* revamped input dynamics — record actions and sounds is now easier, faster and more intuitive. The new built-in input monitor makes live performances a breeze;

* many nasty bugs fixed, e.g. crashes on OS X, missing ASIO and WASAPI on Windows, several glitches during action recording process;

* many UI improvements and other under-the-hood tweaks.

A warm hug to all of you who helped with this release.

Try Giada Loop Machine for free:

(pic by Federica Corbelli

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Today we decided to celebrate the end of Summer with a powerful new release of Giada, codename "Understanding Eigenvalues". This version marks the beginning of the 0.13 series, where several amazing features are planned.

What's new in this 0.13.0 version, anyway?

* Revamped file browser — faster file handling, with the ability to load patches/projects/samples on double click. The browser is now smart enough to remember scroll position and the last selected item on opening;

* New 64-bit packages for Windows. We also dropped support for any other 32-bit package (Ubuntu included, we are future-proof!)

* Build process improved and polished, especially for GCC 6;

* Update JUCE to version 4.2.3, with source code reorganization;

* Several crashes fixed, tons of minor bugs squashed (and introduced :))

Bonus point: we have also upgraded our official forum to the latest version of phpBB. As always, a warm "thank you" to all the contributors who helped with the development of this release.

Play with Giada for free ->

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Giada 0.12.2, codename "Flatland" is ready for your machine. Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is an 1884 satirical novella by Edwin Abbott Abbott based on multi-dimensional universes. With this version we introduced quite a few inner changes:

* Upgrade RtAudio to version 4.1.2 ― thanks to this change we can provide WASAPI support on Windows. We also simplified a lot the inclusion of RtAudio dependency when compiling Giada from source code;

* plugin management improvements ― you can now sort the plugin list by name, manufacturer and type; the plugin window's size and position are finally stored properly in the configuration file;

* nasty crashes on OS X El Capitan fixed;

* minor code cleanups.

A big hug to all the people who helped with the bug hunting on OS X. Get ready for lots of new amazing breakdowns with the WASAPI thing :)


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Today we released Giada 0.12.0, codename "Resilience". This version brings big under-the-hood changes: the whole audio plugin layer has been ported to JUCE framework. This internal improvement gives us a more stable and professional VST plugin support, with many other formats available in the near future (VST3, AU, LADSPA). Isn't it great? In Giada 0.12.0 you will also find:

* 64-bit binaries for OS X (and discontinued support for 32-bit ones);

* overall GUI beautification;

* improved test suite;

* lots of minor cleanups and fixes.

Changes were quite substantial this time, so expect some bugs here and there. Feel free to report any weirdness!

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A new awesome release of Giada, codename Pareto principle is ready for your hardware. The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. What's new in this version:

- Support for JSON-based midimap files;

- Add new channel by right-clicking anywhere on a column;

- Fixes for many compilation warnings on GCC 5.3 (and LLVM as well);

- Fix for a nasty bug that prevented MIDI Jack from being selected on Linux.

The old-school midimap files are now deprecated, but still supported — not for long, though! Giada 0.11.2 Pareto principle also marks the end of the 0.11 series. Expect some exciting news from the future, such as porting to JUCE framework: VST3 and OSC support and many other delicacies.

Download Giada for free:

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What's the best way to salute the new year? With a remake of the first episode of Giada Tutorials made by our fellow youtuber Richard Aspromonte, of course! In this introductory chapter he shows the basic differences between sample channels and MIDI channels, and how to initialize them. A great way to get your feet wet with Giada Loop Machine.

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A new smashing release of Giada - 0.11.1 Càdlàg functions - is ready for your desktop. In mathematics, a càdlàg (French "continue à droite, limite à gauche") function is a function defined on the real numbers that is everywhere right-continuous and has left limits everywhere. Main features of this release:

- ability to clone channels;
- new JSON-based configuration file;
- usability improvements in Configuration panel;
- many stability enhancements and fixes;
- lots of bugs fixed.

We have also updated the documentation and added more information on how to run unit tests with Catch. Have fun!
Download and play with Giada for free on

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Today we are proud to celebrate the new release 0.11.0, codename "Self-similarity". Self-similarity is an important property of fractal objects. This version features lots of under-the-hood improvements:

* New JSON-based patch system — forget the old, buggy, messy patches: now they are clear and beautiful JSON files, easy to read and to manage. You can even generate them via scripts, if you like it!;

* ability to save and restore column widths;

* more code reorganization and cleanups;

* lots of bugs fixed.

Of course Giada can still work with the old patch system, but being it deprecated it will be removed sooner or later. So please convert your patches to the new JSON format: you just need to save them over again.

Download and play with Giada for free ->

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