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Jonny Blair
Northern Irish travel writer living in Gdańsk, Poland.
Northern Irish travel writer living in Gdańsk, Poland.

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This is one of the most interesting and exciting posts on here to date and certainly suitable for a Quirky Encounter or a Dziwaczne Odkrycia. I was reminiscing on my visit to a part of Poland not actually in Poland! On this particular day, in November…

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Wishing a very happy birthday of delight to my travel friend from Romania, Bulgaria, Poznan and Gdansk - Ola "Aleksandra" Mueller. :-) Lovely photo from Ola's travels #happygirl #tourist #northernirishmaninpoland

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My amazing story backpacking through Starogard Gdanski, no local research given or friends to help but I made new friends there. +Aleksandra Mueller wanted to take me to Cafe Anka 6 weeks later but it was closed.

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Follow my journey around the world, feel inspired and bring peace and love to everyone you meet - 
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