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Let's make this real!

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Post has attachment (interpret - mob, help buy me X @ $Y) is a ‘crowd-sourced deal creation, deal discovery and demand aggregation marketplace’, woven around a authentic/original social graph

We’re not a content aggregator! On the upstream we’re a crowd-sourced content platform. On the downstream we’re a transaction-oriented marketplace.

You could liken us to the Wikipedia for deals. Just as Wikipedia has democratized online information/knowledge, MBM is democratizing online shopping.
We operate a unique Consumer-to-Business-to-Consumer business model. We close the loop back to the consumer, creating a sustainable, cyclical and an organically growing model.

This model is the reverse of the “Groupon”. The deals are user-generated proxy deals. MBM as a platform aggregates demand before contracting with the merchant, processes the group transaction and then weaves an authentic (grounds-up) social graph and an interaction layer that facilitate marketplace transactions/exchanges. This is a unique model that differentiates MBM.

After the posting of the 1st transaction, merchants and consumers interact as a social network and are free to top-up existing deals, add new deals or simply drive engagement on both sides of the marketplace. Our revenues are between 15% and 22% of total group transactions

For Consumers: Plain and simply put: We get them what they need and not what’s out there! Consumers are empowered to create content (self-expression, discovery, etc.) and then organically spread the word through built-in, easy to use social media integration (organic user acquisition)

We also give consumers the opportunity to leverage on ‘group-buying’ (e.g. corporate luncheons, meetups, parties or even family purchases).

To top all of that, MBM transforms shopping to a social affair! (check out the buzz/comments on to get a flavor).
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