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Counter Narrative Project
Advocating around issues impacting Black gay men, and standing in solidarity with other movements for social justice.
Advocating around issues impacting Black gay men, and standing in solidarity with other movements for social justice.


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"If current HIV diagnoses rates persist, about 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men (MSM) ... in the United States will be diagnosed with HIV during their lifetime..."  (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)

 "African American children in gay male households have the highest poverty rate (52.3%) of any children in any household type." (The Williams Institute)

Black gay men's pursuit of joy is sometimes derived from #BlackGayRage. Join us as we chat with thought leaders to answer questions about art, activism, responsibility and more on our Google Hangout.

Harrison Guy (Urban Souls Dance Company)
Bryan Glover (Life Coach/Producer/Writer)
Kevin Tarver (

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For our February Google Hangout we will discuss strategies and best practices for mobilizing Black Gay Men in the South. We will discuss such issues as stigma, spiritual violence, racism, criminalization, homophobia, patriarchal masculinities, and resilience. Most critically we will also discuss #BlackGayJoy as both a path to healing and a mode of resistance.

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"It is necessary to constantly remind ourselves that we are not an abomination." #MarlonRiggs #BlackGayMen

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We stand on the shoulders of giants, and this week we are celebrating the birthday and legacy of Marlon Riggs!

We present "I Shall Not Be Removed."

From California Newsreel:
"This loving film biography provides a fitting memorial to Marlon Riggs, the gifted, gay, black filmmaker who died from AIDS in 1994. It traces his development from a precocious childhood in the close-knit African American community of Fort Worth, Texas, through his political awakening at Harvard, to his final years as a courageous advocate for stigmatized people everywhere. Clips from all eight of Marlon's films show how he evolved a unique experimental documentary style, mixing poetry and criticism, the personal and the political.

It recounts the 'Culture War' which erupted around his autobiographical Tongues Untied and reached the Senate floor and nightly news, turning Marlon into an articulate and courageous spokesman for free expression. It also documents his long, harrowing battle against AIDS, sustained by his desire to complete his legacy to the African American community, Black Is...Black Ain't. Family, friends, students and co-workers discuss Marlon's profound impact on their lives and work. As his U.C. Berkeley colleague, Dr. Barbara Christian, observes: 'Marlon opened a space in which black people in America can be represented.'"

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The role of poetry in Black gay history has been used to inspire and mobilize, but has also communicated the Black gay experience to the world. When discussing general wellness, mental health and HIV burden for Black gay men, can the structural and cultural considerations needed to increase health outcomes be found in poetry? 

Join us for a lively discussion as we #CounterTheClinic and dive deep into words and life through prose.
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