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Very poor and crooked business practice. My review may be long, but you should read this so that you are not scammed in the same way they tried to scam me. I went to Dr. Litwin for the first time last month. They suggested that I get a full mouth x-ray since I was a new patient. I was hesitant because I had x-rays done recently, but they said it was covered by my insurance and I might as well get it done. I was still very hesitant, but after being repeatedly persuaded to get the full mouth xray, I made it clear to the hygienist that I would get the x-ray done if it was in fact it was100% covered, otherwise I did not want it. I said this twice. They went to check and assured me it was covered, so I proceeded to get it done. One month later I get a call from receptionist in the office to tell me that the x-ray was in fact not covered. The very x-ray I said I did not really want, and I definitely did not want if I had to pay for it. The office manager was then put on the phone and he extremely rude, and he started to yell at me as soon as I started to suggest that I didn't feel like I was responsible for their error. Any point I tried to make to reason with and explain to him how I should not be charged for this service made him even nastier and more defensive. I asked him why he was yelling at me, and he said "because you are accusing us of being at fault when if fact it is your insurance companies fault and your fault for not knowing that it was not covered" (despite the pressure from this office to get it done, and being told not to worry). They argued with me, they belittled me, and raised their tone with me on the phone trying to convince me how this was now my responsibility despite what we agreed upon. Like putting a price on an item you purchase and calling you to charge you more a month later. They wanted me to do the footwork to obtain the missing money from my insurance company or to pay them the difference out of pocket like it was no big deal. A good business would absorb the cost after telling you something was covered, a good business would not call you and fight with you after an agreed upon service. A good business would not talk to you like you are and idiot and tell you "you know that small pamphlet you get from you insurance company, where it tells you what is covered, it is your responsibility to know what it is covered." As a provider if you told me you called my insurance and they told you something was covered 100%, I'm going to trust you. Besides who knows every little detail of their insurance? I told them that I would not pay them for the service and would fight it in small claims. Despite them constantly backing their end as being in the right, they told me they do not respond to threats and instantly withdrew the fee and banned me form ever coming back to the office (as if I would want to at this point). That does not sound like the actions of someone who is in the right. A good business does not ban you from their office, after they are the ones who tried to screw you. Words can not describe how disgusted I am with this way this practice treated me as a new customer. I can not believe they had the audacity to call me and attack me the way that they did. They should have taken responsibility for their error. To top it off, at the end of the phone call she told me, if I had been nice and not threatened to sue they could have given me a payment plan to pay for the service I never agreed to pay for in the first place. Terrible business ethic, crooked business practice, and F grade service. I do not recommend.
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