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Bob Shepherd - building businesses for S Wales
Bob Shepherd - building businesses for S Wales

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#presentation  is meant to be informative.  An audience which has switched off to your message is a complete waste of time.  Avoid alimenting your audience.
Your #powerpoint   presentation is meant to be informative.  Not a painful experience which gets talked about at dinner parties!!  I hope my post gives you the edge, to be remembered for all the right reasons by your audience.   Remember a  #presentation  is marketing of you and your skills | #businessideas   #PresentationSkills  

Zokit, Newport to Chepstow! "I thought it was Cardiff based!"  Well, it is but Neil has established satellites in other parts including the area east of Newport. Each area is part owned by its leader and I have 2 groups now running in Magor and in Chepstow. The Launch was a few days ago and successful with a good attendance and positive feedback. 
Our meetings are fortnightly with alternately a breakfast (7:30am )in Sawyers just by J23. The launch was in our other venue at The Garden Restaurant, Chepstow Garden Centre where we meet for lunch on the opposite fortnight.  Next meeting is on 1/10 in Magor and the following Chepstow one is on the 15th.  The dates are set to skip round other networks locally with whom we enjoy a mutual support. email if you'd like to spread your networking horizons in 2 good venues with good people and good opportunities to build business.

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Is it time to revisit your #linkedin  profile?  Use this #cardiff   master-class as an opportunity to give your profile a health check..
LinkedIn is the premier online business networking platform, used by business owners CEOs, Directors, Managers and other professionals.

So how do you get the most out of it to grow your business?

In this masterclass, you’ll get to grips with how to use LinkedIn to…

>> Boost your LinkedIn profile so that it tops search listings and engages readers
>> Find decision makers looking for your service or product
>> Connect with influential people
>> Create an endless supply of leads
>> Leverage business networking events
>> Avoid the mistakes that most LinkedIn users make that could cost you that all important business opportunity


6pm – Arrivals, tea/coffee, nibbles & networking

6.30pm – Masterclass presentation starts

8pm – Question and Answer session

8.30pm – Networking over coffee

9pm – Finish

>>>>>Your Course Leader
Prab Chadha is a social media expert and digital maverick who specialises in helping businesses make more money through the web.

>>>>>Refreshments Included
The course fee includes tea/coffee, water and nibbles.

>>>>>What to Bring
Just something to write on such as your favourite notebook and a pen.

>>>>>Pre-requisite Knowledge?
No pre-requisite knowledge is required but general awareness / some experience of LinkedIn is ideal.


Please note: advanced booking is required. Cancellations can only be accepted with at least 48 hours notice.

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Networking? Most businesses don't go networking. Quite why escapes me, except that most people don't 'get it'. The idea that you will get a customer because you have suddenly emerged into public, blinking in the light, is quite wide of the mark. The next 4n in Newport could be a start to widening your promotional horizons. It meets at the Waterloo on the 5th May next at 8am. See

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Lets hope the #WelshGovernment s #BusinessPlan   for Cardiff Airport works.  The plan needs to be robust to deliver on the expectations of a nation and it won't happen over night...
Passengers using the #Welsh  airport (Cardiff Airport) fell to its lowest point for years in 2014, dipping to 1,023,932.

Lets hope the #businessplan  can get this #WelshInvestment  back into blue sky's

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Passengers using the #Welsh  airport (Cardiff Airport) fell to its lowest point for years in 2014, dipping to 1,023,932.

Lets hope the #businessplan  can get this #WelshInvestment  back into blue sky's

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Long may it continue and grow - #Wales  needs this investment.

Next #4n   at Newport is 7th April. This is the Tuesday following Easter.  The great Penny Jarman will be speaking.

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It's the simple things which catch people out in business.  One of these is the #BusinessPlan  .  Some #SME  's understand the need for a business plan, some don't......
Simply - a business plan, is a planing tool with 3 main functions:
1.  To organise and prioritise your resources
2.  To show someone else that you know what you are doing
3.  To act as a blueprint for running the business

Thanks for taking the time to have a look at the post
#BobShepherd   #BusinessIdeas   #BusinessPlanning

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Joel's blog often has good little everyday summaries of new geekiness. Worth while following to keep up with the fast pace of developments
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