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If you are interested in Drupal, consider also following +drunomics. There will be a lot of interesting stuff!
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Some pictures from #frontendunited Day 2 in Amsterdam. Was great to be there!
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Drupal 7 Theming and the image Path. Submitted by criz on Wed, 10/20/2010 - 13:20. In Drupal 7 there is a filefield in core now, there is also something like imagecache in Drupal 6 called image styles...
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Win a ticket for Drupal Business Days Vienna!!
Attention, we give away a free ticket for Drupal Bussiness Days Vienna! Just plusone this message and share it. The winner will be announced next week!

Achtung, eine Freikarte für die Drupal Business Days Wien im Wert von € 99.- zu vergeben! Einfach diesen Eintrag pluseinsen bzw. Sharen, nächste Woche wird der Gewinner bekannt gegeben.
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Todays #drupalcon Denver keynote by +Dries Buytaert is available here:
Main outcomes:
Drupal 8 is going to incorporate parts of the #Symfony framework
Focus on mobile devices, not just the desktop: "Mobile first", RESTful webservices, Responsiveness, HTML5
Focus on Drupal distributions
Focus on the author and the content creation experience
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Very promising module aimed to provide automated drupal content translation management:
The Translation Management Tool (TMGMT) module provides a tool set for translating content from different sources. The translation can be done by people or translation services of all kinds. It builds...
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Drupal theming: Get field values in Drupal 7. Submitted by criz on Thu, 10/06/2011 - 00:54. Drupal 7 has another array structure for storing field values in $node. There is a new array key for the lan...
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