+Tim O'Reilly retweeted this a couple of days ago on twitter and mentioned that this was a form of voter suppression. Of course when I questioned if other states accepted student IDs as valid voter identification, no one answered.

Some things to consider in all this.

1) Gun licenses (though they don't specify what they mean by this so I'm assuming it's Concealed Handgun Licenses or CHLs), are given out after a background check and proof of ID (you have to send in a color copy of your current ID or driver's license), it also has information on it like your address (just like a driver's license or state ID card). So in order to get a "gun license" you have to prove your identity. Makes sense to me.

Example CHL image can be seen at: http://www.texaschllicense.com/

2) Every student ID I've seen and had did not have the address of my residence on it. And in TX you have to vote in the precinct you're registered to vote in. And you have to show your voter registration card and a valid form of ID and that ID has to have your current address on it. If it does not, you have to bring your ID and a utility bill (proving that you do in fact live & receive mail at the address on your voter registration card). Student ID cards also vary from school to school, so some might have addresses on them, the one's I've seen and had here in Houston don't. Unless that's changed in the last 2-3 years.

With that in mind, I fail to understand how requiring that someone

A) Show an ID with an address and
B) Ensure that it matches the address on their voter registration card

is somehow voter suppression. You want to make sure that vote is nice and legal right? Also, a State ID in TX costs $16 ($5 if you're over 60) and requires you to show a birth certificate and a social security card. So I fail to see how getting an ID card is considered "expensive" (http://www.dmv.org/tx-texas/id-cards.php#Getting-an-ID-Card).

Some please, someone explain to me how exactly accepting CHL licenses and not student ids at the polls is voter suppression, when a CHL license is provided by Texas Department of Public Safety and a student ID is not.
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