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Who is Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? He is an Iranian Christian Pastor who has been languishing in jail for the last two years because of his religious beliefs. He has now been slammed with a death sentence because he has refused to renounce his Christian faith. Egyptian Coptic Christians are also being beaten up, killed, crushed with personnel carriers, their churches burned down because of intolerance on the part of their Islamic brothers, fellow countrymen. Let us give some moral support to those who are being persecuted, killed, because of religious intolerance regardless of what faith they come from!
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Amen to that. We should root for all believers and it doesn't matter what their religious beliefs are, as long as they are positive and seek to serve and spread goodwill among men. We cannot all be of the same faith right now, but we can all choose to work for the good of all. Surely good is good and bad is definitely bad, unless one has a problem with the definition in the dictionary. Please let us be tolerant, live and let live and try to correct where we see a wrong. But not by persecution and intolerance. After all, who said you were better than the other person? All are made in God's image, whether we like it or not, whether we believe it or not. It does not alter the fact. Let us spread love.
Allahu Akbar! God is Great! Translated literally, It actually means God is Greatest. The death of Gaddafi has laid bare the meaningless of what we all cherish at all cost, Life! We are all busy building Towers of Babels, accumulating millions, billions worth of property at the expense of everybody else. Compared to many of our leaders, we ordinary folks are nothing but "Rats". Why are human beings fail to grasp what God is trying to communicate to us when a "Super Human" like Kaddafi finds his end in sewer pipe! That is God's way of letting us know that "Life" is nothing but "Thin Air". Why don't we treat each other like "Brothers" and "Sisters". Is that not the way God intended life to be?
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