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Who does not believe in miracles?

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Your future depends on your dreams. Don't waste your time, go to sleep!

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The more adept we become at cultivating an altruistic attitude, the happier we will feel and the more comfortable will be the atmosphere around us. But if our emotions fluctuate wildly and we easily give in to hatred and jealousy, even our friends will avoid us. So even for people with no spiritual beliefs, it is important to have a peaceful mind.

Look around you, it doesn't take much to put a smile on someone's face. And if you can, put a make-up on his life too!

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Gay marriage and abortion have one thing in common: They don't produce children!

Who is Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani? He is an Iranian Christian Pastor who has been languishing in jail for the last two years because of his religious beliefs. He has now been slammed with a death sentence because he has refused to renounce his Christian faith. Egyptian Coptic Christians are also being beaten up, killed, crushed with personnel carriers, their churches burned down because of intolerance on the part of their Islamic brothers, fellow countrymen. Let us give some moral support to those who are being persecuted, killed, because of religious intolerance regardless of what faith they come from!

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we're born into this world with a label slapped upon us.
we're wrapped in a blanket and given to our mother or whoever else is taking care of us. we're sent home with a birth certificate.
we have a name. a weight. a length. we are a girl. a boy. christian. jewish. muslim. atheist. red haired. brown haired. blonde haired. blue eyes. numbers. letters. numbers. letters. we cry and hold on to the one who holds us.

as we get older we start to question everything around us.
we're constantly being fed different ways to be - ways to live - how to feel. what to believe. how to behave.

most of these ideas conflict.

we grow up. we go to school. we get more certificates. awards. diplomas. traffic citations. marriage licenses. online statuses. phone numbers. and eventually a death certificate.

we accumulate all of these pieces of paper that really have nothing to do with who we are.

in this world that is constantly trying to tell us who we are, it's no wonder so many people lose sight of the knowledge that they are innately unique. that there isn't a right or a wrong answer. that it's okay to be different.
no one is ever one thing or the other. you can be many things all at the same time.

a label is just a man made form of communication to understand a behaviour. human beings are full of contradictions. to be yourself and accept who you are no matter what They try to tell you probably the most liberating thing you can ever do.

you don't need a certificate for that -- you just know.

The next Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to the one who campaigns successfully to the free movement of people. Just imagine an Earth without borders where people circulate freely and where the only impediment would be size of your wallet. How do you expect a peaceful world if fellow human beings are forced to remain within unpractical borders like Gazza, drought stricken countries like Somalia, sinking tiny islands like Tuvalu and Kiribati? How can we have a peaceful world if unreconcilable tribes like Tutsis and Hutus, Jews and Palestinians are forced to be locked up within the same borders? A world with open borders would not worry about refugees. A world without borders would be a world where the resources, human and material, would be distributed in a very economical way. There would not be a room for economic crises as resources would be equally distributed across the planet. After all, is that not how God intended our Earth to be?

The other day I was saying that Capitalism as it is today is unsustainable. Unsustainable because 10% of the population of any country control 90% of the wealth of the country. First it was the Arab Spring, then it was the London Riots, It is now the Occupy Wall Street movement. Pretty soon, our governments will not be able to contain the Anger of the masses. The late Bob Marley had a song which use to had a verse that says that "a hungry man is an angry man". The current economic crises that is plaguing the world economies are giving us food for thought as to the viability of the drive for profit economic system.
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