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Plat-Time District
There is a new attraction at the red-light district of Neo-Tokyo. A place where real people are assigned for your pleasures, not the cold services of a robot. They strive in providing the actual connection between humans as we know that some customers prefe...

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Black Out
Shadows fall over my heart
I black out the moon
I wait for you to come around
You got me dancing in the dark, dancing in the dark
I've closed my eyes
But I won't sleep tonight

Baby, you should come with me
I'll take you to the dark side
Me and you, you and...

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Iron Maid
Wars and lust, driven by the human's own desire, Such foolish humans,  And they have the bravery to summon me? To do their bidding? They choose the wrong devil, boy For I am the Iron Maiden, The one that will crush whatever feeble wish they had. Que the ran...

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Goodbye Wish
Thing happened and I had to say goodbye to the mother of my mother. Hey dollz, I'm sorry that I didn't any post during February, A lot of rl events happening and one family tragedy to attend as I lost my grandmother of my mother's side. It took a while for ...

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Blood Rose
When the war started in the country she love, Hana was aimless, she lost her family, she lost her anchor, she almost lost herself. It wasn't until the Royal Clan took her in that she found answers. Hana knows that she was a distance relative of Royal Purebl...

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Bonsai Champloo
Sometimes there is world that we don't see. A tiny world really, just out of sight. Many children believe of little fairies and gnomes exist. Well, actually it's partly true, only not of those kind. You see, we are kind of like guardian angels, but not exac...

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Japonica Winter Festival 2016
White specks everywhere Cold wind comes and goes As the children grows into the phase And today we celebrate  Japonica Winter Catalogue Teleport to Japonica Ok so, I know I'm quite late for this post since I'm sure the event is over by now but I really want...

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Winter Winter
"Even the strongest blizzard starts with a single snowflake" -  Sara Raach, Snow Like Ashes Welcome to the new year of 2017 dollz! It's still all wintery and cold in the northern hemisphere so I hope most of you dollz bundle up all warm and snuggly with you...

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Mother Yule and Her 13 Yule Cats
We have come On nights of bitter winds and whites Year long of patience we await For the naughty children and unfashionable adult We have come to devour Ohmygod, I took so much time for this picture! Despite my promise to create picture while I'm at hometow...

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Cold Heart
Many folklore exist surrounding the Mother Yule, but not many remembers that she had a sister as well. In the biting winds of winter, she enjoys the laughter of children. She would be the mysterious lady in white who helped lost child and lullaby them durin...
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