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A little distracted...
A new blog post is on its way... but  i n the meantime, we're a little distracted by the cutie in the pictures below. We welcomed our baby boy on March 20th and we couldn't be more delighted.  

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"So that you don't forget me"
It's been a rough couple months with
one of our little girls. In the weeks and months leading up to our
departure, I felt like everytime I turned around there was another
problem with her. She refused to listen to me, to Evan, to our other
Mozambican staff....

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Where should we have a baby?!
With the turn of every  year ,  we welcome a few new girls into our dorm. And while we are so excited to welcome four new munchkins to our existing seventy, these four are not the only new ones joining our family this year. We're expecting   a  baby  in   M...

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Pennyless at Christmas
I can imagine what it's like to not have enough money to buy Christmas presents for my children. I can imagine the stinging conversations that parents are forced to have with their young ones. When food takes precident over gifts. When necessities trump the...

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Three simple words. She did not understand.
words. Three
simple words. Three deep powerful and meaningful words. I
whispered them in her ear with a smile as I gave her a hug. Three
simple words. And yet she did not understand. “ I
love you,” I said with a big grin and warm look. “Tomorrow,”

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What My Mom and Dad Taught Me: We Can All Do Something
Since moving to Africa a little over two years ago, our definition of "normal" has changed dramatically. Scenarios, foods, challenges, smells, sights and encounters that we used to find strange have become an everyday part of life. Somedays I feel as though...

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2 Years in Africa
It's hard to believe that just over two years ago we stepped on an airplane to a country I (Evan) had never visited. I never would have guessed how much this journey would change my life and how much I could fall in love with a country so different from my ...

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That we would never loose our faith
My journal entry from a few months ago, shared with permission of one of the most inspiring teenagers I've ever met:  We had received news of his passing
weeks earlier from their small village further North in Mozambique.
Young and healthy, his death came a...

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My Failure of a Husband
With seventy-three girls in our dorm-there is never a dull moment. Simple daily tasks become mountains and hurdles. Take bath time for exemple; twice a day the girls shower. Imagine the challenge of trying to shower seventy three girls! Allow me to see the ...
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