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He estado trabajando en Wormhole, un servicio para conectar servidores remotos de forma fácil y sin tener que abrir puertos de entrada en firewalls, configurar dispositivos VPN, etc.

Como muestra del sistema he creado una imagen Docker que incluye el cliente (SoftEther) y conecta automáticamente a tu red privada. Tan solo tienes que incluir los archivos de configuración que descargas desde Wormhole una vez te has dado de alta (gratis, no requiere tarjeta, solo nombre, password y correo).

Y de bonus, dos contenedores Docker listos para usar de iPerf en modo cliente y servidor.

Se agradece feedback tanto de las imágenes Docker, como del proyecto en si.


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Hello fellow sysads,

I've been working on an overlay network service and I'm happy to announce that I've released a proof of concept to add overlay networking to any of your Docker images.

This means you could potentially have all your application's microservices running on the same virtual network, meanwhile they're really located on different hosts. There's no more need to expose ports on Docker, NAT on the host or configure firewalls along the path. It just works, it's encrypted and based on open source software (SoftEther).

On the readme file you'll find also the link to my service (it has an unrestricted free tier, no CC required), but all the Docker images are released under MIT license (SoftEther keeps its license) and can be easily adapted for your own SoftEther deployment. I just offer a quick an easy way to get it running.

I would appreciate your feedback!

P.S.: I also have two ready-made images for iPerf client and server, just to showcase the capabilities of the system. Deploy each on a different host without direct network visibility and let the magic happen :)

#SDN #Networking #Docker #DevOps

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This is my new project, please try it & share with your circles if you like it!

It is a website monitoring service that will help you to keep track of your site's outages or modifications. Really useful to quickly react to any uptime issues and to early detect unwanted changes, e.g. if your site has been defaced, if someone is injecting malicious js code or if because of a DB error the prices at your shop show as $0 for every single product.

It is free for the basic service (HTTP or PING check every 15 minutes) that should suffice for many people out there. The other plans are so cheap that are a no-brainer if you need to monitor more than one site, smaller intervals, track changes or be sure your site is reachable from 4 different continents (and more coming).

The whole site works only on HTTPS and we don't store or even process your credit card as it's all done through Paypal.

If you ever need a monitoring system this is the one that will suit most of your needs for a ridiculous price.
We've just launched our global monitoring solution!

Our network covers 4 different continents, monitoring your sites 24x7 from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Virginia, Amsterdam, Sydney and Hong Kong.

Sign up for free at 

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Skeptical up to the very end

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Wow... is completely disregarding the initial TCP congestion window: it looks like their servers simply pumping as much data as they can, with an aggressive retransmit timeout as well...

See wireshark capture below: no client ACK's have been sent following the initial GET request for the homepage, and Amazon servers are just pumping bytes: ~76KB outstanding, and growing! 

I guess that's one way to make your site faster... =/

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For all the NetSec people out there, it is worth learning some scripting language to make your life easier. Take the effort as an investment, the return is impressive ;-)
I found a nice collection of examples to use python for pen-testing and more.
Found it quite stunning how easy it is with python to build "violent" scripts and learnt a lot reading them.

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