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Forgot to share these... We were going to find a place to let kids run around on 9/11 and ended up at this memorial. I saw this little girl running through the flags and had to take a picture. Her innocent look was priceless. 
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Groupon... you ever going to offer deals besides liposuction, hair removal, and spas?

You're killing me.

Spotify is simply... amazing.

I have been listening to music and albums that I haven't heard in years - much that I listened to and loved in high school. There is so much of my music that never made it into my iTunes due to being lost/stolen.

Amazing how music can take you back in time.

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This is an interesting slideshow...

Ever wondered who the $14.3 trillion national debt is owed to? Or who the nation's largest creditor is? (Hint: It's not China)

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I enjoyed this article from Sports Illustrated about letting college athletes get "paid."

It's a tricky subject - would this ruin everything we love about college football? I don't think much would change honestly. It's already pretty corrupt and it's not going to get better with stricter enforcement (is it weird that reminds me of the "war" on drugs?).

What do you think?

Google+ app now available on iPhone App Store.

In case any of you cared (or weren't aware)

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BYU ranked #11 of undergraduate business schools.

What's really interesting is to see the annual cost ($4,400) compared to the annual cost of the top 10 (most were around $40,000).

Just had my first experience with Google+ spam in my "incoming" stream.

It wasn't pleasant.
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