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"The Mad Hater's Tea Party throws everything overboard, not just the tea. The captain, the crew, the ships dog... Pirates could hardly do worse.

It seems especially perverse that people purporting to be Christian, a religion that vows to help the poor and heal the sick, should be so violently against helping the poor and healing the sick."

This was shared by a friend on FB and it sums up my feelings well.  I believe it was written by Brooke Wilson.


Before you begin your rant about how terrible everyone in Washington is, make sure you get the facts straight.

This is NOT about the President, who is asking Congress to pay for expenses they've already approved, including the Affordable Care Act, which was approved by two houses of Congress, signed into law, upheld by the Supreme Court, and, when made into a central issue of the 2012 election, was not overturned by the voters.

This is NOT about the refusal of Democrats to compromise. Obamacare IS the compromise. It was the Republican counterproposal to the nationalized health care plan from the Clinton administration. That's why Mitt Romney pushed it through in Massachusetts (yes, the economist who wrote the Massachusetts plan said Romneycare is the same as Obamacare). It's a mandate for people to buy PRIVATE health insurance. Nothing could be more Republican. Many Democrats hate/d the Affordable Care Act because it didn't nationalize health care, but they . . . compromised . . . so 40 million more Americans, including people with pre-existing illnesses, could get health care. There's been no Republican counter-proposal because OBAMACARE IS THEIR PLAN. Obama adopted it because he thought they'd support their own plan. How crazy was that?

This is NOT about "Congress." The Senate -- which has brought the House resolution to the floor multiple times, and amended and approved the amended bill by majority vote -- has approved a "clean" funding resolution, but the Speaker of the House WILL NOT ALLOW THAT RESOLUTION TO COME TO THE FLOOR OF THE HOUSE FOR A VOTE. Were it to be voted on in the House, there's a reasonable probability it would pass with support of Democratic members and a significant number of moderate Republicans.

Why won't the President and the Senate accept the Republican proposal to delay a year? Because it's already been delayed. The Republicans are trying to stall until after the 2014 elections, hoping to win both House and Senate so they can overturn the law. They also are terrified that once people sign up and get healthcare and like it, they'll think -- as they did with Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security -- that it's a pretty good thing. THAT, Senator Cruz, is the real message of "Green Eggs and Ham," which you completely misunderstood.

This IS about a small group of about 30 legislative terrorists who would rather blow up the government than permit legislation they don't like, even when approved by majority vote, to be enacted. It's also about a Speaker of the House who will not permit a bill to come to the floor for a vote unless the terrorists approve.

This is really about whether we believe in democracy -- in majority rule -- or not. You don't get to wreck the country every time you don't get your way.

If all the Border Patrol officers -- who as of this morning are working without pay -- would go home, I wonder how long it would take the Senators from Texas to get the message?"

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A cool picture I took yesterday on a walk.   Love how it looks like the leaf is walking with me.

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I've posted this before but it bears repeating.

I am an ally

#marriageequality #gaymarriage #gayrights  

I see lots of commentary in the news about what Repbulicans need to do with their party. Here's my 2 cents: I think part of the struggle is how do I protect my beliefs while still allowing someone else to live by different beliefs. I choose to live by my own beliefs, but I don't want to be forced to live by someone elses, so I often vote more liberal to protect my right to continue to live by my own beliefs. I've always thought of myself as moderate, but the current repub platform makes me seem far left. I find I don't really relate to the tea party or the far left. I look for the middle, for tolerance, for cooperation. I didn't see any of that from the tea party. Until the repubs can retake their party from the extremes, they have lost moderate independents like myself.

Also, it's time for Repubs to stop calling this a Christian nation.   It's not.  And our founding fathers didn't intend it to be.  They created a nation where you were free to be a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, an Atheist, a Druid, or whatever you wanted to be.  They specifically didn't want this to be a "Christian" nation.   The motto on our money was "Out of many, one" until the '50s when it was changed to "In God we trust."  That's around the same time that "under God" was added to the pledge of allegience.   We aren't a Christian nation.   It's not wrong to be a Christian, but it is wrong to try to make America be Christian.   That's a choice each individual needs to be free to make for themselves.

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Can I get an AMEN?

Anyone have a photo sharing site they like?   I'm looking for something easy to use, that I can share an album via email link and not have the receiver have to join G+,  that can specify who can see the picture ( I sometimes want to limit and sometimes am open to sharing via link, I want to choose based on the album).

I'm fed up with Picasa as now you can only share through G+.  There's no longer a share via email option.  I'm one of those people that doesn't want every single thing in my life linked together.   I like some separation.

So - anyone have a suggestion, on a site to check out?

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I’ve always loved trees.  So strong and stable, sturdy and dependable, silent.

 In the fall, they drop their leaves and throughout the winter they seem almost dead.   But in the spring, we see the bud of life they’ve been nurturing through the winter months begin to spring forth in new leaves and new growth. 

 In hard times, I’ve sat and leaned against them as I tried to find a solution to whatever problem was bothering me, cherishing their silence and lack of judgment.  In good times, I’ve enjoyed sitting beneath them with friends, enjoying their shade and beauty, feeling completely at peace with the world. 

Trees do so much for us.  They produce oxygen.  They clean the soil.  They help clean the air.  In the spring when they drop their seedlings, some stay close to the tree while some are carried by the wind to new places to put down their roots. Regardless of where that little seedling puts down its roots, its life came from that tree.   

The tree of life is a symbol I relate to.   It has different meanings for different people and cultures.   To me it symbolizes how everything in life is interconnected.  It reminds me that the spring always comes after the winter.  And it reminds me to have hope for the future.  

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This is a true example of the "nanny state" phrase I see thrown around so much.  Mothers should have a choice.  I know many of you will quote studies,but those studies are not perfect and honestly the science does not support most of the claims about breastfeeding.  First of all, the studies are volunteer, meaning you get who wants to participate.  Typically, most of the breastfeeding women in the studies have completed a higher level of education and are in a higher socioeconomic class.  The formula feeding women in the studies typically are working women who needed to quickly go back to work and free formula is a blessing for them. This makes it very difficult to correct even for socioeconomic bias.  And it's impossible currently to correct for genetic factors.  I've read comments from several scientists (sorry,can't find the links at the moment, will have to look for them) who believe that the difference between breastfeeding and formula feeding would be very small if we could accurately correct for genetics and socioeconomic factors.  The point is, the science doesn't support the "breast is best" viewpoint.  

The biggest issue here  is choice.  Mom's should not be made to feel like horrible people because they make a choice that is best for them.  And the government has NO business interfering with that choice based on parenting trends.  And that's what this is really, a parenting trend.  

So all you old white men, stop telling me how to be a woman and a mom.  I won't tell you how to be a man or a dad.  Now stop trying to control me.

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Someone please explain to me exactly how having to bring the same original   id verifying documents ( original birth certificate, SSN card, and 2 proofs of address) in order to renew an existing GA Driver's license does anything to  "ensures the integrity of driver’s licenses and identification cards."   If you don't know whether or not you issued a GA Driver's license to me, then you have a much bigger problem and this will do nothing to address it.   The fact is, State of GA, I provided these documents to you already.  You know that you issued me a driver's license, so  providing them at renewal is simply extra administrative effort at a time when you don't have the budget to provide timely service in the first place.  There's no reason that you can just move existing license holders to the new format without making your citizens jump through hoops they've already jumped through.   
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