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The Star of Versailles
As the Reign of Terror
tears Paris apart, a dandy and a spy are thrown together on a
desperate race through France. I am thrilled to
announce that The Star of Versailles, a thrilling tale of the French
Revolution,  Co-written by my good self and Catherine C...

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Something a little bit different...
I am thrilled to
announce that The Crown Spire , a rip-roaring adventure stuffed full
of highwaymen, intrigue and romance, is now available to buy in ebook
format. Co-written with
Catherine Curzon, The Crown Spire takes readers back in time to 18th
century ...

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Arson and Arguments: Cicely Sellis and the St. Osyth Witch Trials.
The St.
Osyth witch trials of 1582 saw thirteen women tried for a variety of
witchcraft-related crimes at the Chelmsford Assizes. One of those was
Cicely Sellis from Little Clacton where she lived with her husband
and children. Cicely entered the long and e...

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Burning Cows: A Cure for Witchcraft
One thing
that anyone with an interest in witchcraft cases of the 16 th and 17 th centuries will quickly notice is how often
animals are involved in accusations and 'proof' of bewitchment. This
is unsurprising; animals, especially horses, cows and pigs (the...

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Murder and Lies: Mary Bateman the Yorkshire Witch
Sometimes you live in an area for years without realising what fascinating events took place just down the road. It was over two years after leaving Leeds that I heard about Mary Bateman, the "Yorkshire Witch",  whose terrible deeds led her to an equally te...

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Announcing The Dead London Chronicles
I was
meant to have a new witchy blog post ready for today, but instead
I've been lost in sorting the index for Accused , and also getting
ready to launch a fabulously fun writing collaboration with the
wonderful @MadameGilflurt ! The DeadLondon Chronicles ...

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Accused: Available for Pre-Order
It is with great excitement (and a certain amount of wonder that we have reached this stage!) that I can announce that Accused: British Witches Throughout History is now available for pre-order!  The image of the witch
- crook-nosed, unpleasant of dispositi...

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The Witch and Her Bucket: Mary Spencer and The Lancashire Witches
immediately springs to mind at the words “Lancashire” and
“Witches” are the infamous Pendle witch trials of 1612. There
were, however, several later cases in the same area: one such
occurred in 1634 when ten year old Edmund Robinson related a

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The Man Behind the Medium: Helen Duncan and Albert Stewart
Spiritualist medium Helen Duncan is most frequently remembered  for being the last person convicted and imprisoned under the 1736 Witchcraft Act in
1944. Revered by some as the most talented physical medium in history and reviled by others as a monumental f...

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#FolkloreThursday: Plans Within Plans!
There are exciting times ahead for #FolkloreThursday! The response since starting the hashtag
back in the summer has been overwhelmingly positive, and more than a
few people have been in contact to ask whether there are any plans to
take the project further...
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