Hm, what did I get done this June...

It was a little boring, honestly; jury duty was a mental distraction where I couldn't plan ahead to do anything but I ultimately wound up going in once and not being picked up for the jury! So I spent a lot of time simply digging up fulltext papers for citations, so at least there's now something like another 100 papers available online for melatonin/nicotine/modafinil etc... I was thinking of trying to meta-analyze the correlation of lithium in drinking-water with suicides/murders/mental-illness, but after I got copies of all the citations I knew of, I'm not sure the data is homogenous to do that, which is disappointing, and the meta-analysis papers/textbooks I've checked don't seem to be very encouraging about the utility of doing it with epidemiology stuff.

And reorganizing & fixing broken links & updating various pages (I figured out how to make a fun forest plot showing the active/passive split in dual n-back studies: )

My long-running font A/B test finished but with the most boring possible results of close to zero difference between the 4 fonts:

I researched an old family friend in his 90s who has never been willing to talk about his government work during the Cold War and found some stuff using released Census records, but that's not really of interest to other people I guess. Likewise when I added ~40 book reviews from my old notes to my Goodreads account.

I managed to trace an arrested drug dealer back to his Silk Road account, which was somewhat interesting: (available court records: )

Is one familiar with Fukuyama & 'the end of history'? I think he's right but no one seems to agree with me, so I wrote Like most political essays, it's probably worse than I realize.

From my perspective, probably the most interesting thing I wrote all month was some criticism of early SF, pointing out the obsolete science behind some stuff written off as fantasy:
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