Interesting things I wrote during July:

- Some analysis of all my emails from Google Alerts to see whether/when they started to be less useful.
- A Quantified Selfer and a few other guys did some meditation while doing an arithmetic game; turned out to be a perfect application for multilevel modeling
- A new paper claims that there's a phase-of-the-moon effect on circadian rhythms; since I have so much sleep data on myself, I thought I'd see if there's any effect...
- continues to progress; I closed the LW poll and set up 3 new polls on to test problems with the original poll.
- Made a list of things I've bet on or at least tried to bet on with people. Disappointingly short.
- I've started transcribing and annotating one of my favorite tech/lit novels. It's mostly done; hopefully in August I'll be able to finish Radiance.
- I finally got around to eating the cicadas I caught during the most recent Maryland emergence; so of course I had to write up this outré dining.

Right now, I'm listening through my Reitaisai 10 downloads (more Touhou music work); and working with this coach who is interested in predicting triple-jump performance by college athletes, and has collected a bunch of data about triple-jumpers.
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