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Tonight you will dine inside Internet Explorer 10.

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Best Moment in Gran Turismo History!

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NETSUPPORT SCHOOL NEEDS TO BE BANNED FROM THE UNITED STATES! Half of the sites are not social media, but sites like Wikipedia, Google, Bing,Wikihow,etc.
My high school just upgraded their Netsupport Program from v10 to v11 TODAY .
It's ridiculous.
I'm sick and tired of being watched over like a child. I feel violated and scared.
I live in Birmingham,Alabama in the community of Ensley, and I must say "Is this necessary?"
Pretty much almost every damn college has this privacy invading program...
We the people need to make this stop. IDEA: Create a Petition..

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I can't wait to Open my PS3!!!!! :D

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If the internet gets censored..... There will be no fun for anybody...The businesses will not be able to upload anything....iPhones won't be able to even have apps.
If the internet is ruined....Violence will be the bigger problem.

If your'e going to buy a PC for Windows. Please do yourself a favor... DONT  BUY WINDOWS 8... BUY A MAC or Windows 7.

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This site is 100% FULLY FUNCTIONAL! I believe everybody should try this! TRY IT NOW!!

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My Sega Saturn
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