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Some days are easy, some days are not
It's crazy to think that its been 6 months since we found out that we lost our baby.  I remember right after we found out I would wake up and think to myself, "ok, I've made it a week." or "Woah, its been a month."  The days got easier, but I still think ab...

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One Week
One week.    7
days.   168 Hours.     10,080
minutes.  That is how long it’s been since I found out that the
precious baby inside of me had stopped growing.   There was no heartbeat.   There was
nothing but silence.   The tears fell from
my eyes as my heart...

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The Real Jesus
If you follow me on Insta or Twitter, or Facebook, or
any other social media, then you know that Emmalee has been in swim lessons
this week.   She has never feared being in
the water , but she does fear going UNDER the water .   A few summers ago she would ...

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Life Lately
Its really sad when you realize its been 6 MONTHS since your last blog post.  Clearly I'm been busy and preoccupied with other things, sorry.  But if you want a glimpse into out life lately, here goes. In February we put our house on the market the day of o...

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Faithful Finish Line
Life...Life has been insanely busy lately that I don't think I've had to even post about my exciting adventure in the Faithful Finish Line!  If you've read my blog lately then you know how excited I was when I completed my first duathlon in October.  It was...

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Day 26: 31 Days of Mom Prayers
Have you ever had those moments as a mom and as a wife that you just feel, well...inadequate and completely exhausted?  I feel it...ALL.THE.TIME (at least it seems like all the time). I've been studying the Proverbs 31 woman lately, and I found myself wonde...

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Day 25: 31 Days Love Where You Live
Y'all, I love traveling! I love going to new place and discovering new things.  But we don't always have to travel far to find these discoveries because sometime, they are in our backyard.   Whether you live in a big city or a little town, every community h...

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Day 24: 31 Days to DIY Wall Art
As you might have guessed from some of my posts at the beginning of the month, I LOVE DIY ideas and finding ways to decorate on a budget.  This series is one that I found a while back and I love going back to it every time I have an empty space that I need ...

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Day 23: 31 Days of Wisdom for Moms
Well, its October 31st, and I know most of y'all are breathing a sigh of relief that you actually finished your 31 days.  But I haven't!  I'm still a week behind, but the beauty of it is that I have save most of my current 31 days favorites for last, so all...
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