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Love being with friends and family! Helping businesses achieve their online goals, my favourite saying is simple: "Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household"
Love being with friends and family! Helping businesses achieve their online goals, my favourite saying is simple: "Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household"


Hi everyone, was wondering what you all used for tracking your client rankings? I have always used a web based software but today there down for maintenance and it just made me think what alternatives do I have? #seo

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Interesting info graph here, most important part is probably paragraph at the bottom!! #socialmedia
Social Media Active Users 2013

After a bit of extensive research gathering numbers from sources that were as official as I could find, I've finally finished the most up-to-date list of active social media user numbers for 2013. 

However theres more to these numbers than just knowing them. In the full post I cover some insights about what the numbers mean, and what the really important metrics are. 

See the full post here:

As of December 2013, here's the social networks with the most active users base:

Facebook - 1.19 Billion active users
Google+ - 540 Million active users
LinkedIn - 259 Million active users
Twitter - 232 Million active users
Instagram - 150 Million active users
Pinterest - 70 Million active users

As I say in the full post, Know and understand the numbers, but focus on and add value to the people.

Were any of these active user numbers surprising to you?

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Great video here shared by +Myles Golden something to bear in mind especially when checking content a client may want to give you to add to there site
Can a site do well if you stitch content together?

"Hi Matt, Can a site still do well in Google if I copy only a small portion of content from different websites and create my own article by combining all, considering I will mention the source of that content (by giving their urls in the article)?
Rajesh, New Delhi, India" 


No!!! Do not do this! If your going to quote someone's work - be sure to properly cite your sources. One of Panda's algorithm factors was aimed towards low quality content aka stitched content. 
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Love this image and saying so much! It's so true that the content is so important but with no marketing it's hard for people to find! #seo #marketing #socialmedia
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This has to be one of the posts of the days, anyone that is interested in using google plus to the full should read this. With a bit of imagination this could be really beneficial to you and your business #seo #google
Google+  Ripples -- What Are They? How Are They Related to Sharing Statistics, Performance Tools and Circle Management? And Why Might They Be Important for You? 

In summary, Google Ripples can help you see who shared your post and who shared the shared post. It will give you the ability to view any of the shared posts and see what was said and how that post performed. And it can help you get a sense of how popular an article on Google+ is by looking at the number of times it was shared. How you might ask?

In this article by +Amanda DiSilvestro you will learn about some of the elements of Google Ripples, how to access Ripples and how to use them.  But are they worthwhile asks Amanda?

To answer Amanda and the question in her title -- I like Ripples, I use Ripples a lot and will explain why I find them very worthwhile. In a nutshell, Ripples let you see who shared a post, how many times a post was shared and which shared post was shared the most. It also provides a link to see each shared post which can show you how each shared post was written and how that affected the comments and results. And there is more, you are given a timeline showing how long the article has been getting shared and how many times it was shared publicly vs privately. Yes, Ripples can do all this and more.

About Ripples, Plus Two Tips Not Covered In The Article -- Ripples are available on the flipside of every post that has been publicly shared to Google+ and then shared on Google+ at least once. If the article has not been shared within Google+ at least once then you will need to use another tool to find out how many times an article has been shared onto Google+. Ripples for any article can be checked using the Find Ripples bookmarklet created by +AJ Kohn.  _My observation, any link shared to Google+ using tracking tags will not be a part of the same Ripple as all of the other shares of a link without tracking tags._ So, if you want to be a part of the pool of ripples with everyone else beware of how you share to Google+. This Ripples limitation also applies to articles shared from sources like

So What Does Any Of This Mean? Used properly and of course by investing some time, Ripples can help you find relevant people to follow, you can find who influences sharing the most and by looking closely at a few posts in a ripple you can see the secrets of how successfully shared posts differ from not so successful posts.

Ripples Can Be Very Useful For People Looking To Improve -- In addition to the cool benefits I listed above you can also use Ripples to evaluate the performance of your own posts. For instance, you can test the effect changing titles, images and where posts are shared has by doing each and then later looking at the Ripples to see how each post did comparatively.

Conclusion -- There is really no end to how Ripples can be used. How are you using Ripples and do you find them worthwhile?
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