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Oh, I moved Rockbot2 full to beta. To get in, use this link:

I've updated both free and full versions yesterday.
One issues that was fixed is that, disabling play services was not helping in cases that you get a freeze on the start of intro level. This was due to the get_achievement not checking if play services is enabled before running the request.
I've removed first boot dialogs to enable play services and cloud save because of those freezes, until I find a way to reproduce and fix those problems. You can still enable those in the config, that shows a warning about crashes now.

Also, full version was really outdated, so you will notice more changes, like bosses on all 8 stages. I now will go on into implementing more boss behaviors and create design/graphics for castle bosses.

Why there aren't any updates to the full version or this community?
Well, I want feedback, like bugs, ideas, suggestions, criticism, to improve the game.
And I am getting none.

Please, give me some feedback :)

Want to test Rockbot 2 full version?
Join the test team through this url:

Don't forget to give feedback commenting here or writing an email to

###### WARNING ######
This is the complete version, but this not means it is currently complete. Some stages are still missing boss, enemies and refinement.

This is an ALPHA testing for the game, bugs, incompletion, issues, problems are EXPECTED.
I am releasing this for people to help TESTING, so do not complain if you can't finish a stage or the game or it crashes. Instead report it to me, so I can fix the issues you find while testing.

Thank you.

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First open beta demo (free version) is available now!
It DOES contain bugs, be warned.

Get it in

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Rockbot 2 will be a paid app. I was thinking about adding in-game transactions, but I ended making my mind to charge a bit for each copy of the game. It will be very cheap, but I need a bit of money to keep developing the game in the future.

But I will release a free demo version. What I wanted to ask you guys about is, many stages you think should the free version have?
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1 stage (intro)
3 stages (intro + 2)
5 stages (intro + 4)

A quick update on Rockbot 2 development. It is, right now, very slow because I am working on a project to get some extra cash. I plan to resume working on it during this weekend and fix some nasty bugs in order to release a first open beta, but with that, I need to start thinking about the future release of the game.
If you want to check the stuff that is planned for each beta, look here: It is mostly in portuguese, but google's translate should handle it well.

Those are the planned features for Rockbot 2. So if you have suggestions, here and now is the place and time to tell me about it :)

I received a feedback for the beta "It is bad, and well, it is no good".
Well, for those who don't know what is a BETA, let me explain: this is a TEST release, open to users other than the developers to run and look for issues. Not meant to be finished product after all.

I know some companies like to call beta their almost finished product, but that is not the definition of the thing. And I do like to make early betas, so please, keep that in mind, you will face issues, sometimes game won't be playable at all due to bugs, but the idea is that you can criticize the level design, bosses and overall game to make it better in the end.
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