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Quick question. I have a client whose checkout is on a completely separate domain to their shop.

We've setup cross domain tracking in GTM, but to the way the person moves from domain to domain there is no way to decorate a link or a form

We may need to remove GTM, go back to Universal in the code and lift the client Id from the cookies using the methods on this page

And then generate on the other domain

Was wondering / hoping whether there was any way to do this in GTM

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Inconsistent Regex Behaviour in Google Analytics Filters

We've just taken on a client who are currently have a combination of 149 different query strings in the URLs.

These don't all appear at once, but typically there can be up to 8 or 9 in a URL.

We're cleaning up the data and then client wants to do 1 of the 3 for each one

1) Keep the query string
2) Exclude whole query string
3) Keep the query string name but not the value

1 is easy

2. Because we are going to exclude around 80 of the query strings, the Exclude URL Query Parameters will run out of space as it only supports 255 characters

Therefore we created the following search and replace filter which looks for any query string that 

1) Starts with either a ? or &
2) Looks for id=
3) Looks for any text up to the next query string
4)Removes the whole query string


We've tested this and it works 

We then used the same process with an advanced filter for step 3 where we want to keep the query string name, but not the value


In this case we want to keep logged_in and remove the =1,680730

to give us

We setup the following advanced filter looking at Request URI

Fileld A (.)(logged_in)(=[^&?])(.)

to export the following


We've tested in the RegexBuddy tool and the grouping is all correct, but the filter simply doesn't want to work

Been scratching my head all day trying to get my head around this
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Local Currency in Universal Analytics Ecommerce DataLayer

Am I correct in thinking that we can can specify a local currency within the ecommerce datalayer for standard ecommerce reporting

I've been looking through the documentation and can't find a definite answer for that

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Think this nicely sums up the spirit of #Measurecamp

 I'll be presenting at Measurecamp an updated version of my 10 ways to destroy your Google analytics implemenation

The following is a short list of items of things I'm going to be covering.

If there is anything else missing from the list, please let me know and I'll make sure I include it

+  Tags Missing From Pages
+  Too Many GA Tags
+  Set Domain Name Not Set Or Misconfigured
+  Forgetting to exclude yourself / client / employees
+  Excluding Browser Bots
+  Not QA’ing Code in the Browser
+  Mixing old and new versions
+  No cross domain tracking
+  Internal search not configured
+  Goals Incorrectly Configured
+  Session ID's not removed
+  Not excluding payment providers such as Paypal
+  Incorrect campaign tracking 

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